Do you love to cuddle and play with your furry Guinea Pig mate in your bed? Most owners do. Guinea Pigs, too, love hanging out outside their cage and on the soft bed surface. But are you aware of what might happen if they fall off bed? Well, if you wonder, will Guinea Pig jump off bed! Then this is what you need to know now.

Though most Guinea Pigs are afraid of heights and won’t attempt jumping from a high altitude, some Guinea Pigs are mischievous enough to accomplish that. And the consequences can be fatal for a Cavy. Continue reading this article to learn more.

Does Guinea Pig Jump off Bed?

Usually, Guinea Pigs aren’t very athletic creatures. They are not very fond of height either. So, a standard Guinea Pig behavior algorithm says they won’t commit such an act. But!!! There are always a few courageous souls who might try out such stunts. My sister’s Cavy, Pikachu, was a jumper. He had tried out some scary hops several times but luckily was unharmed. So you see,if you ask, will Guinea Pig jump off bed? Yes, some will do.

There can be another scenario too. Your piggie might not jump off from bed or sofa, but it can fall off from it accidentally. The damage is the same. In fact, there are high chances that your Guinea Pig can fall from bed since Guinea Pig’s eyes are on the sides of its heads. Also, their vision isn’t excellent. So they don’t have a good perception of height. As a result, they can easily fall off from a height.

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What will happen if Guinea Pig jump off bed

Guinea Pigs can jump from 10-20 cm height and land safely on feet. But a size more than that can be dangerous. Guinea Pig’s bones aren’t robust. If they fall from a height, they can get a severe bone and internal injury. In extreme cases, Guinea Pigs have been found to become paralyzed. And even landed safely, still there remain risks because frequent jumps or falling off can weaken Guinea Pig’s bones and can result in arthritis at a later age.

Many Guinea Pigs are afraid of heights. Despite getting injured, they might become startled when falling. In extreme fear, they can get heart failure.

How to Prevent Falling off From the Bed

Holding a furry soft cuddly creature in the arm while lying in bed is so satisfying. But you have to keep in mind the risks of your Guinea Pig’s falling off.
1. To prevent falling or jump off from bed, you can secure the bed’s edges with cushions.

2. Place a soft mattress or carpet beneath the bed so that the damage is minimized even if
they fall.

3. Always keep an eye on your pet whenever it’s outside its cage.

4. Never put a Guinea Pig on any very high object.

What to do if Guinea Pig has Fallen From the Bed

Guinea Pigs can fall off from any high place if the owner is not careful enough. If, by any chance, your Guinea Pig ever fell off from your grip or jumped off from bed, sofa, or another high place, what would you do? The course of action you will need to do in this scenario is-
➢ Check whether your Guinea Pig’s teeth and feet are unbroken.

➢ Place your hand under your pet’s ribs to see if there are any broken bones.

➢ Check if there is any swollenness on its head or other areas.

➢ Observe if your Cavy is eating and drinking, usually or not. If eating is not abnormal, you can assume there are no internal injuries caused by accidents.

➢ Finally, show your Cavy to any good veterinarian for a body checkup. If it shows there are any complications in its health, go on for proper treatment.

Summing up

Guinea Pigs are such sensitive creatures that small accidents can bring big havocs. Never overlook the chances of accidents. If asked, will Guinea Pigs jump off bed, then simply put, the answer will be yes. There are high chances of that. Being a responsible owner, it’s your duty to safeguard your piggie from potential risks. Hopefully this article suffices all your queries. A Complete: Guinea pig care guide – check this article out for more Guinea Pig care tips.