In nature, the guinea pig is a browser, Guinea pigs spend a considerable amount of time Favorite Food for and eating plants. Because plant material is difficult to break down, the digestive tract of the guinea pig is uniquely constructed.

Guinea pig favorite food those are:


Lettuce is one of the best favorite food of guinea pig, feed only Romaine or green leaf lettuce iceberg contains mostly fiber and water and has little nutritional value for guinea pigs.

Guinea pig favorite food


The grass is one food Guinea pig never seem to grow tired of whether they are picking it theme selves outside or munching on sum you have bought on for them don’t pick grass from road site or from lawns that have been sprayed with chemical or used  other pets never feed clippings  that have been mulched through a lawnmower.

Guinea pig favorite grass food


Carrots peel and trim or both ends sum cavies may like the leafy carrot tops.

Broccoli Guinea pig will also it the stock part.

Guinea pig favorite carrots food


Pellet People usually think of pelleted feed as something that only rabbits eat but specially made pellets just for Guinea pigs are available. When supplemented with fresh foods. these pellets provide balanced nutrition for the guinea pig. Guinea pigs unlike most other mammals are unable to manufacture vitamin C within their bodies and need a higher amount of folic acid. so it’s important to feed them only pellets made especially for guinea pigs because these pellets contain those nutrients.

Guinea pig favorite pellets food

Dandelion leaves and clover

Dandelion leaves and clover feed in small amounts and also be careful where you pick them.

Guinea pig favorite dandelion leaves food


Cucumbers Most for the value each contained in the peelings (some cucumbers sold in grocery stores are heavily waxed. These peelings sold not bee feed to the guinea pig)



Melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew) remove the seeds. Guinea pigs also enjoy the rinds.

Guinea pig favorite water melon


And also guinea pig favorite food is apples, celery (especially the leaves) Swiss chard, parsley endive.

also guinea pig favorite food