When it comes to pets, we all have different preferences. There are different types of pets that people keep and guinea pigs are among the most popular. Guinea pigs are adorable, fun and firry little creatures that you will love having in your house. Before you get started, you need to understand owning a guinea pig pros cons so that you can know how to take care of your pets and what you should expect.

Just like other living animals, guinea pigs require more attention. On top of that, you need to have the necessary supplies that they need to keep them healthy. I will take you through the pros and cons of owning guinea pigs so that you can have a better understand. Let us get into details now.

3 Pros of Owning a Guinea Pig

1. Entertaining to Watch and Gentle

So the first Pro is that they are very entertaining to watch. Just watching them play with their cage mates and eating or just going about their daily lives. I guess it’s just really interesting to watch them play and interact with you and I like sitting when I’m watching my guinea pigs.

This is especially if I’ve just cleaned them out and I let them in to go and explore their cage. I like watching how they react to their new surroundings.

Guinea pigs are gentle and this is one of their best characteristics that pet lovers like. They are gentle toward your family and they don’t cause havoc. They also have a nice routine that makes them idea for working class pet lovers.

2. Good Bond and Affectionate

The next Pro is that you can have a very good bond with them. I have a good bond with all of my guinea pigs and they’re all very easy to tame and will take food from my hands and stuff. These affectionate creatures make a good bond in the house and they will always be the center of attraction. They are lovable and anyone would love having them as pets.

Yeah I think it’s very well rewarding to hand-feed your guinea pigs and have a good bond with them. It’s just nice to have a bond with your pets and be able to interact with them without them feeling like you are kind of running away from you.

I guess this is a really important part of owning an animal and guinea pigs are a very easy animals to create a bond. You can pick them up and cuddle them and stroke them and they are not too small to like. This is because some animals are just too small to have a proper bond with really.

3. Different Types, Sizes and Colors

The third pro is that there are so many different types of guinea pigs. It’s never-ending, there are so many different breeds. You can get long-haired, short-haired and then, so many like different lengths head guinea pigs. Additionally, there are so many different sizes and colors all my guinea pigs. Look very different apart from honey and caramel.

I like the fact that my herd all look quite different and yeah it’s just really interesting to see how many different types of guinea pigs that are out. They are all just adorable, and then moving on to cons.

3 Cons of Owning a Guinea Pig

1. Expensive to Maintain

The first con are that they’re expensive pets so buying that home is very expensive. It doesn’t need to be big enough to house your guinea pigs for life and all their food and everything. You need to get a few guinea pigs and then also remember that you’ll probably need to take them to the vets at least once in their lifetime. This can be very expensive, so just make sure that you do have enough money to pay for the things your guinea pigs need.

2. Messy and Noisy

The second con is that they are messy pets say I clean my guinea pigs out like three to four times a week. I clean out they’ll take out all the bedding in their playhouse and then four days later, you need to clean them again. I like at the top of the corner although I don’t know which corner is but if I remember I will leave a link to my cleaning out my guinea pigs.

On top of that, guinea pigs can be noisy at times. They can make some chirping noise at night which might be disturbing when you are sleeping. This can be hard for people who love a good night sleep.

3. Time-Consuming

The third con is that they are time consuming so they do take up so much of your time. If you want to see what I do every day, I will also leave a link for my daily routine. They are so time-consuming since you need to feed them water them every day and also spend time with them. This is just to make sure that they are tamed enough to you and you can interact with them.


Now, I believe you are well informed about the pros and cons of keeping a guinea pig. These are small and beautiful creatures that you can easily bond with. Another great thing about these little creatures is that they have a longer lifespan. Their life expectancy is about 6-8 years. And if you take care of them well, they can last for up to 12 years. Isn’t that awesome?

Guinea pigs also adapt and adjust very fast to their surroundings. This makes them suitable pets for any household. With all this information, I believe you now understand the positive and the negative sides of having a guinea pig.


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