Are you looking for a spacious guinea pig cage? Then this article is just for you. Here, we are going to review the living world guinea pig cage in details. This cage is suitable for your guinea pig as well as your hamster and rabbit. Your little animal will not feel cramped thanks to the unique construction of this model. If you are wondering how to choose the best guinea pig cages of 2019, this model is the one for you!

Living World Guinea Pig Cage: In-Depth Reviews for 2020

Living World Guinea Pig Cage

Construction: Composed of a plastic house, a hayrack, a feeder, and a drip-proof water bottle, this cage is well suited to the needs of your little animal. Besides, it is possible to install the separation grid to delimit the nesting area.

If you want to raise a male and a female at the same time, this will help. This model features a top and front door grille. It is also very practical when you have to clean the cage.

Design: The design of this living world guinea cage integrates easily into your home, thanks to its color. The top is red-colored while the sidebars are white. Your pet will easily find a place in your home, in his cozy little corner.

Maintenance: The base and the grill are completely removable. This greatly facilitates its maintenance. It is very important to regularly clean your pet’s habitat for its health and well-being.

Ease of Use: This cage has 8 easy to use clips which allow you to assemble it within minutes. No tools or maintenance person needed.

Size: The dimension of this guinea pig cage is 46.9 x 22.8 x 24 inches. It is also available in X-size for larger pets. According to the living world deluxe habitat standard, it should be perfect for your pet.

  • The living world deluxe habitat consists of a trough, a feeder, and a hay rack
  • A separation grid can also be installed when needed
  • To facilitate the exit of the animal, you have the front door.
  • The complete removal of the top cage makes it easy to clean the interior
  • Also, the product is large enough to allow your animal to move easily
  • Includes a balcony and a hiding shade for the pet
  • Can get living world cage replacement parts whenever you need

Bad Sides:

  • Should be careful while petting a Chinchilla. Because they tend to eat the plastic of this cage
  • This particular model is suited for a bit larger pets. Smaller animals are not safe in this one as their legs may get stuck

How to Choose a Good Guinea Pig Cage?

Guinea pig is a very calm animal that most people love to adopt. To take care of your little friend, you must find him a good cage. It should be adapted to his size where he can move throughout the day.

Follow the tips in this:

Follow the tips in this buying guide for choosing the best guinea pig cage within a limited price range:

The Dimensions: Like any other animal cage, the guinea pig cage should have the right dimensions. Because, if the shelter is too small, it may frustrate or make him sick. If it is too big, the little animal will not feel comfortable either. The best thing is to find the cage that has the right dimension according to his size

Manufacturing Materials: Material is very important. You will normally find this information on the label or in the price comparison. If you are well aware, you will see that it is advisable to opt for a cage with bars. The reason is, it lets air to get inside. So, your pet won’t suffocate.

But be careful, if the bars are painted, learn about the composition of the painting. Guinea pigs may try to nib the grids and swallow substances that may be toxic to the body. The plexiglass cages are advisable to avoid.

The Accessories: Once you have a cage for your pet, you also need to plan for the accessories. But that will be extra expense unless you buy a model where there is already a bit of everything. And these cages are available on the market.

Thus, some manufacturers include small accessory to sleep, sometimes even a cushion. Some models come with bowls and even a rack for hay. Of course, the price also depends on this criterion. The more equipped the model is, the more expensive it will be.


Buying the best home for your loving pet means a lot to you. And we know it. That is why we would like you to go through our living World Guinea Pig Cage review and give a thought about it. We are sure you and your little friend is going to love it!