Like any animal, a guinea pig needs attention. Nevertheless, guinea pigs require special care. Indeed, these small rodents are very sensitive to loneliness and their environment. Its cage is its habitat, so it is important to make the right choices before buying a guinea pig kit.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit adapted to the every need of your little friend.

Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit: In-Depth Reviews for 2020

Kaytee Complete Habitat Kits

Complete Package: This cage comes with a plate, a bed, a bottle and a sample of Kaytee Fiesta Guinea Pig Food. Kaytee extra large guinea pig cage is a complete package for your pet. It has everything that your furry friend needs for its well being.

Removable Upper Portion: There is an opening on the front so that the animal can get out easily. The upper portion is completely removable.

Attractive: Thus the cage has a trendy color: blue. The upper barred portion is white.

Greater Hygiene: The cage bottom, the feeder, the house, and the baby bottle are easily positioned, easy to clean for greater hygiene of your pet.

Improved Security: The latches are made chew proof. So that your pet can not chew the door off and run away or get hurt.

Spacious Interior: Spacious, so that your little animal feels good. Its trendy colors will delight children and the whole family. The blue of the cage, reminiscent of nature, looks great with your interior. Your little companion can move in quickly!

Special Note: For greater security of the guinea pig and your family, place the cage on the ground and do not put anything on top.

We recommend a quiet place but not isolated (a living room) with indirect sunlight

  • Large dimensions for maximum comfort of your pet
  • Blue color, good to eyes
  • Complete with feeder, feeding bottle, cozy bed and a sample of Kaytee Fiesta Guinea Pig Food
  • Kaytee guinea pig cage setup has a removable upper lid for better cleaning and management
  • Features a front opening for easy maintenance
  • Dimensions 30″ X 18″ X 16.5″ (length x width x height)

Bad Sides:

  • The accessories are not of very good quality

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How To Choose A Guinea Pig Kit?

The guinea pig is one of the most popular animals. Now that you also have one, its time to think about its habitat. Which guinea pig cage to choose for him? How to determine your needs? Where to put it? Are there any contraindications? We’ll get to each of these questions in this section.

Here are Some of the Factors You Need to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Guinea Pig Kit:

1. Space

First of all, the cage for a guinea pig should be quite spacious. It is estimated that for 2 individuals, the size should be on average 120 cm long and 80 cm wide and 45 cm high.It is evident that for the guinea pig, the cage is a sort of sanctuary. It is the center of his universe. And that is why it is very important to think before buying his little cocoon.

2. Material

Ideally, the guinea pig cage has galvanized or chrome horizontal bars. Against these bars, the small animal can come to rest. Then, the tray should not exceed 16 cm in height (corresponding to its size in height). Otherwise, it will be cut off from the world and will become extremely timid and lethargic.

3. Types

The different types of guinea pig cages are:

  • The Cages with Bars: They are perhaps the most adapted cages. It can be found in all the sizes. The ideal is to choose a cage-type called “rabbit cage”. They are very practical and easy to clean. Their layout can be changed at will. You can also add accessories to decorate them.
  • Plexiglass Cages: This type of cages is often preferred to bar cages because they look less like a “guinea pig prison”. For the practical side, the Plexiglas walls prevent litter from being thrown out of the cage.
  • Terrariums: when talking about snakes, a terrarium can be a solution. There are nevertheless some disadvantages with this type of “cage”, namely its weight, its fragility, the possible transport, and the cleaning.
  • The Hutches: It is used much more rarely and only for outdoor use.

Essential Accessories for The Kaytee Complete Habitat Kits


Guinea pig requires a lot of attention and care. The first step of its care is providing it with a proper habitat. Kaytee Complete Guinea Pig Kit can be your ultimate choice for this purpose. Once your pet has a happy habitat, it will make you happier for sure.