Does having a Guinea Pig feel like you are into a one-sided love, and your Piggie doesn’t love you back? Well, then probably you might be wrong. Guinea Pigs, too, adore human association. They also show affection to humans, but of course, in their language. Unable to decode their language? Can’t tell if your Guinea pig loves you or not? Then stick to this article to learn how to know if your Guinea Pig loves you.

How to tell if your Guinea Pig likes you

Does my Guinea Pig like me?- this is probably a common concern to all Guinea Pig owners. However, this isn’t very difficult to know. If your Guinea Pig shows these signs, you can have a smile on your face. Your Guinea Pig indeed loves you.

1: Guinea Pig doesn’t bite you- If your Guinea Pig doesn’t bite you, feel disturbed when you touch him, then this may indicate that your Guinea Pig is not afraid of you. Your affection is received, and he is enjoying it. When they don’t like someone and feel threatened by any means, it is their defense mechanism that they will try to fight that person by biting or will try to run away.

Sign 2: Responds to your voice- The second sign is your Guinea Pig recognizes his voice. Whenever you call ihim by mame, he responds and gives you attention. He may even be to you by making noises as a reply. If your Guinea Pig is interacting with you like this, then definitely he loves you.

Sign 3: Eats from your hand- This is another expression of your Guinea Pig’s liking you. Yes, if your Guinea Pig is eating from your hand, this implies he feels a sense of comfort, trust when you are around. So, there is no doubt he likes you.

Sign 4: Climbs on you- This is another strong expression of showing love. Yes. If your Piggie climbs on you or sits on your lap, it shows he feels comfortable when you are around. They may even recognize your smell and love to be adored by you.

Sign 5: Makes happy sound- This is another strong evidence of your Guinea Pig’s love for you. When you are around or have arrived at home, your Guinea Pig starts popcorning and makes a wheeking sound. This shows his excitement of seeing you and his eagerness to being around. What can be a more obvious sign than this?

Sign 6: Lets you touch him- When you touch your Guinea Pig, hold it, and it doesn’t want to get rid of you, then that shows it enjoys your touch. A warmth of affection has grown between you and your pet, which is nothing but a gesture of him liking you.

Sign 7: Licks you- Does your Guinea Pig often licks you? Then it certainly means he likes you. Licking is an expression of affection and care for Guinea Pig. they do it only to them with who they are comfortable with and want to be around. So, whenever your Piggie comes and licks you, you can also run your finger over his body or gently pat him. This will increase the intimacy and bonding between you and your pet.

Is your Guinea Pig afraid of you?

Does your Guinea Pig not show these signs? ‘My guinea pig is scared of me’ – is this what you are thinking? To your dismay, I would have to tell you; there is a chance that your Guinea Pig might be afraid of you. This usually happens when you have adopted a new Guinea Pig, and he is not familiar with you till now. If you are not gentle with him, or if you don’t take care of him in an appropriate manner, then your Guinea will be scared of you. These are the signs your Guinea Pig will show if he is afraid of you.

❏ Your Guinea Pig runs away and hides from you.
❏ It doesn’t like it when you touch them.
❏ They are fussy around you.
❏ Guinea Pig throws his head around and fidget.
❏ Your Guinea Pig chutter around yourself.

If these are the signs your Guinea Pig is showing to you, you need to be cautious. It would help if you didn’t allow this distance that your Guinea Pig isn’t comfortable around. Any pet owner does not want that; neither is it healthy for any domestic pet. So what should you do? How to get your guinea pig to love you? Here is what can be done.

How to make a guinea pig like you

If your Guinea Pig doesn’t show signs of liking you already or scared of you by any chance, then these are steps to make you more likable to your Guinea Pig.

1.Provide a comfortable environment- Guinea Pigs are meant to be in the wild. When you are domesticating it, you need to ensure that they get a safe and comfortable environment. Only then, your Cavy will ease up and won’t try to avoid you all the time.

2. Feed him yourself- Make sure you are the person you offer the Cavy. This is how they will get accustomed to your presence. And also, a sense of trust and dependability will grow in your pet’s mind for you.

3.Talk with him- You can talk to your Guinea Pig or call him by his name frequently in a day. This is how they will get familiar with your voice and will be responsive to you.

4. Play with your Guinea Pig- Invest at least an hour every day for playing with your Guinea Pig. You can pass him his toys, get him to play obstacle games, and be around him. Soon he will get free with you.

So, this was a quick guide to show how to make your Guinea Pig like you. Follow these, Hopefully, your Guinea Pig will get comfortable with you.


What can feel better than being loved by someone who you adore the most? Being adored back by Guinea Pig is undoubtedly one of the best experiences. This article aimed to demonstrate how to know if your Guinea Pig loves you. Hopefully, you now have all your confusion gone.