Strange thing happened. I just came finishing setting up the water bottle of my guinea pig and met with this problem. Since lots of people have asked me about this before, I’m going to write about how to Clean Guinea Pig Water Bottle for all home-piggies out there. Most of you know, but those who don’t, will find this post of great help. Here we may talk about why cleanliness for guinea pigs is important and how to maintain the water and food hygiene and you can also find articles about how to clean a guinea pig cage on google.

Why do We have to Clean Guinea Pig Water Bottle?

If you already own a guinea pig, you know how sensitive they are. They need perfect kinds of diets, water, nutrition, care and companions to lead a perfect life. Moreover, they love to play with everything. So if you give them food and water into a bowl, they will make those dirty and later by drinking the same water, they might fall sick.

Clearly, the guinea pig water bottles have no alternates. These can be easily found in the pet shops nearby. These bottles are little in size and have nozzles, piggies suck that nozzle for water. These nozzles help a very little to prevent the bottle from being dirty, yet those bottles get dirty easily. And if you don’t wash them from time to time, there might grow algae in guinea pig water bottles. Guinea pigs easily fall sick because of these.

How to Clean Guinea Pig Water Bottle: Step by Step Process

Mentioned remedies are going to be real easy and fast as well. You can try any of them as per your comfort. The main dirt grows inside is algae. So let’s have a look at how to clean algae from pet water bottle.

  • Firstly, you have to keep alternate bottles for the piggies so that when you clean one of them, the piggies may enjoy drinking their water without any break or wait.
  • Using a glass bottle rather than a plastic one is preferable. Because the glass bottles get less dirty and easily cleaned than plastic ones. Beer bottle brushes work well on the glass bottles. But you have to be careful and light-handed on glass bottles. If you want to use plastic bottles, some solutions are given below.
  • I have got the highest requests to explain how to clean a guinea pig water bottle with rice. This process is really effective and handy. Just put a couple spoons of rice into the empty bottle and pour a little amount of water. Shake it until the dirt has got out the bottle’s body. When the bottle looks clean, rinse if off with water. Make sure not a single amount of rice is left in the bottle. You’re done!
  • Boil the bottle simply in hot water. You may use a teensy amount of bleach, or salt, or lemon juice on that water.
  • While boiling, if the dirt does not come off the bottle, use a bottle brush to clean it, rinse off with tap water and then boil the bottle.
  • If you clean the bottle daily and your bottle doesn’t seem that much dirty, just a bottle brush with water and a little amount of savlon or any disinfectant liquid will do. Simply take some water and disinfectant mixture into the bottle and brush it properly. Rinse it off as much as you can, we don’t want our piggies to drink any chemicals.
  • Bleach water mixture or bleach solution can be of great use. A teensy amount of bleach and a lot of water can make your bottle clean.But if you can’t decide the amount of bleach and water, 10% bleach and 90% water make a perfect 90% bleach solution that works properly for the dirty bottles, brushing is important. Again, rinsing a lot with clean water is important. Bleach might make the piggies sick if there’s left any.
  • Lemon water works as a perfect natural disinfectant. It has no risk but while brushing, make sure not a little amount of dirt is left. If algae starts growing, it will cause you piggies serious health issues.
  • Mix some salt with the hottest water your hand can stand and pour some into the bottles, clean it properly then rinse off with clean water.
  • Pour some hot water into the bottle and a kitchen towel or hand towel inside the bottle. Shake the bottle as hard as you can. You can pour some savlon too. It will clean the bottle easily. Then rinse the bottle with clean water.
  • Some people like to leave the bottle overnight into hot water or a quick lime (salt solution) or bleach solution and wash it off the next day.
  • Molding baby bottle cleaners are the best brush option to clean your bottle.
  • Not using soap is the biggest caution because we don’t want your piggies to fall sick. Yet if there is no choice left than a soap, rinse your bottle the hardest you can.

How to Clean the Cap?

Cleaning the nozzle seems really easy. Nozzle works almost like baby bottle nozzles so cleaning must be the same. Yet if you haven’t ever cleaned any baby bottle, here are some tips.

  • Use any kind of cotton buds or cotton swabs. Most of the people like to use Q-Tips.
  • Baby nozzle cleaners also work on these nozzles.
  • To clean the tube, you can take a kitchen towel, roll it and make it go through the tube, it cleans the tube in a few seconds.
  • Some like to use just their fingers. Fingers might work as well.
  • Using hot water will make the nozzle germ free so that is also a must to do.

Final Verdict

Guinea pigs are extremely sensitive pets. Their life span is just 7 years. All these years, you have to keep your piggies safe and free from any disease. All the water disease that can be caused by dirty water consumption, can be prevented by the cleanliness of yours. You have to keep his water bottles, food bowls, and cages clean to keep your piggies healthy. This article was all about How to Clean Guinea Pig Water Bottle. I’ll write about the food diet, food hygiene and the cage cleaning in future. May you piggies live long!