How To Clean Guinea Pig Cage?

How To Clean Guinea Pig Cage?

Your guinea pig’s health is dependent on several factors, including the general hygiene of its habitat. It is necessary to regularly clean its cage and change its litter so that your guinea pig lives in optimal comfort and stays in good health.

If you have properly prepared the cage, cleaning it will be easy and fast. We advise you to wear plastic gloves to protect your hands.

Here’s how to clean guinea pig cages step by step.

There are no such rules on how often to clean guinea pig cage. But, clean the whole cage thoroughly at least once a week. The frequency of deep cleaning depends on the type of litter used and the number of guinea pigs you have. Make a guinea pig cage cleaning routine and follow it.

Remove all debris, carpet, blankets, food, and toys and discard or clean with an antibacterial spray or homemade guinea pig cage cleaner suitable for guinea pigs. Do not use specialized cleaning products for humans.

Wipe the inside of the cage/hutch with an antibacterial spray suitable for pets. It is a good idea to leave the cage in the open air for a short time.

1. Change the Litter

Not many people know how to clean guinea pig poop.. The litter must be changed 2, 3 times a week. This frequency of changing depends on the type of litter, size of cage, the number of occupants, and even on the season! The litter needs to be changed more often:

2. Clean The Cage

The cage should be cleaned thoroughly every week. Do not use commercial detergents as they are too aggressive and can leave potentially toxic residues. Use white vinegar. Even if you are wondering how to clean a guinea pig cage with fleece, you can follow these 5 steps:

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3. Clean The Tray

Roll the newspaper or the plastic bag by wrapping everything on it (litter, dung, guinea pig hay, seeds, etc.) and throw in the trash.

Scrub the bottom of the tray, the borders, and grooves with black soap or white vinegar several times if necessary. Sprinkle on the stains with baking soda and add a few drops of white vinegar. After a few minutes, rub and rinse with clear water. Use a hard polka dot brush.

4. Clean The Accessories

Accessories for guinea food should be cleaned daily. Soak in a solution of water & white vinegar and rinse and allow to air dry. In case you are confused about what to line a guinea pig cage with, go for paper bedding. It’s super comfy and easy to clean.

It is advisable to have these accessories in extra batches to always leave clean ones for the guinea pigs while you wash the others.


Guinea pigs are very sensitive and calm animals. To make sure their comfort and longer life, a clean habitat is a must. I hope this article has helped you to know how to keep guinea pig cage clean.