Which are the right vegetables to feed a guinea pig? This is a common question among guinea pig lovers. You need to know the right guinea pig safe vegetables so that you can always provide them with the right diet. There are so many kinds of vegetables that guinea pigs can eat. This makes it tough to know which are good and which can be harmful to your guinea pig.

We have made a detailed guide to help you know the right foods that you can feed your guinea pig. so let’s start with the veggies first on the list are:

Guinea Pig Safe Vegetables List: In-Deatiled

Carrots There are high in sugar so they shouldn’t be fed in huge quantities. but they are a great source of energy some guinea pigs seem to really love them.

Bell Peppers are a great source of vitamin C and most guinea pigs love them make sure to remove the seeds. Yellow bell pepper has more vitamin C than green and red some guinea pigs seem to prefer the taste of a certain bell pepper color.

Chicory make sure to remove the outer layer of leaves before you give it to a guinea pigs.

Cucumber a fresh and watery vegetable that most guinea pigs love could cause stomach problems. if it’s fed in huge amounts but absolutely fine in moderation and especially in summer a tasty snack.

Lettuce there are so many different kinds of lettuce whether it’s red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, romaine Lettuce,  ridicu of stem lettuce. Most of them are fine for guinea pigs even though Roman lettuce is very high in calcium iceberg lettuce. It contains almost no nutrients so this one is a good guinea pig food and is generally not fed.

however, iceberg lettuce is not poisonous for guinea pigs that’s one of these internet rumors that doesn’t seem to go away it has very high water content and little nutrients. so it’s not exactly healthy can lead to an upset stomach if you feed lots of it and other veggies.

Simply provide a better nutritional value it’s basically water pretending to be a vegetable. but it’s not going to kill your piggy if you accidentally feed. A  leaf that doesn’t mean that you should include it in their diet but you also don’t have to worry if you accidentally feed it fennel is a very filling and stomach-friendly vegetable.

Celery should be cut into very small pieces so that you can eat pigs don’t choke on the strings our guinea pigs refused to eat it. but they love the little Leafs beetroot should only be fed in small amounts and can change the color of your guinea pigs. keep radish shouldn’t be fed but the leaves are a yummy snack for the piece.

Courgette or Zucchini perfectly fine veggie kale we’ve never fed it to our guinea pigs but it seems to okay as in once or twice a week kind of veggie.

Eggplant everything that’s green on the eggplant is poisonous and guinea pig should only eat it when it’s ripe so very soft a hard eggplant is poisonous. but a ripe eggplant can be pretty yummy according to pebbles pumpkin all.

Pumpkins that can be eaten by humans can be eaten by guinea pigs too as long as they’re fresh. so you can’t give you guinea pigs the jack-o’-lantern pumpkins but you can give them pieces of the pumpkin you make pumpkin soup out of taking off the seats. when you feed it and they’re kind of high in sugar tomatoes technically not a vegetable but we are still including it on this list shouldn’t be fed every day and the green parts are poisonous. some guinea pigs don’t react well to the asset but my guinea pigs all agree that it’s tasty.

Spinach not entirely healthy not entirely unhealthy should be fed in very very small amounts and not every day because of the calcium content kohlrabi curavi just like Chinese cabbage.

Broccoli is one of these vegetables that can cause blowed if it isn’t introduced slowly and very carefully once you can pick is used to it though it usually can be fed without problems.


As you know, guinea pigs are always eating. Once you identify the right foods to feed your guinea pig, it is important to ensure they don’t overfeed because this can lead to obesity. On the other hand, you should also ensure that the food you provide your guinea pig has nutritional value. When there is an imbalance in the nutritional value in the food, this can lead to conditions like chronic diarrhea, obesity, kidney and liver disease among others. We hope after going this piece, you now know guinea pig safe vegetables to feed your pet.