Guinea Pig Daily Routine

Guinea Pig Daily Routine

Who doesn’t want a friendly guinea pig? Everyone knows how to get a guinea pig, but only a few are concerned about the care of a guinea pig. For taking care of guinea pigs, you need to know the guinea pig daily routine.

Guinea pigs like to follow a routine. It is particularly important to maintain a guinea pig daily routine concerning the type of food you select, the time of feeding, and handling times. If you change the routine suddenly, the guinea pigs might become uncomfortable or stressed.

In this article, we are going to take a deep look at the daily routine of guinea pigs and why it is important to maintain the routine.

Here’s my daily routine for guinea pigs. Not necessarily you have to follow the exact one. You can make your own routine.

  • Guinea Pig Morning Routine: First, clean the cage. Throw away the old water and put new freshwater. Afterward, clean the litter. In the mornings, make your guinea pig drink more water as it must have been dehydrated after the whole night. Clean the guinea pig hay and the pellets too.
  • Guinea pig Afternoon Routine: if you have more than one guinea pigs, you may clean the cage once more. Change the water and hay. Change the guinea pig poop if there is any.
  • Guinea Pig Evening Routine: Evenings are for relaxation. Take the guinea pigs out of the cage for about 30 minutes.
  • Guinea Pig Night Routine: In the night, do a little bit of grooming, such as cuddling, brushing, cleaning, etc.
  • Weekly Routine: Every week, check the weight to follow the growth. Also, you can clean the cage thoroughly.
  • Grooming Routine: Every other week, bath them. Trim their nail and clean the ear. Brush their teeth.
  • Feeding Routine: Feed in between the chores. Maintain time and amount of feeding.

What Happens When The Routine is Broken?

Guinea pigs can be stressed by sudden changes in water, food, or bedding. Guinea pigs exhibit stress symptoms similar to those of other mammals. They become more and more susceptible to diseases, can become irritable and aggressive or conversely, depressed and less active.

They can also suffer from diarrhea and consequently lose weight. If you feel that the signs are due to stress, eliminate the cause of the pressure, and consult your veterinarian.

Some Tips and Tricks

Guinea pigs love having their little routine. So follow the following tips:

  • For convenience, make a guinea pig daily care checklist
  • It is a good idea to take all guinea pigs out at the same time.
  • You’ll have to give hay as their preference. So you may probably have to provide hay at least two times a day (depending on their consumption).
  • The granules should not stay all day in the cage.
  • You must give vegetables and fruits regularly. For example, a full plate in the evening with tomato, apple, pepper, aubergine, or carrot. 
  • You must give them vitamin C supplement every day (or almost).
  • It’s a good idea to take your guinea pigs out on a regular basis. Be careful if you put them out in the cold weather. Make sure to always keep your guinea pigs under surveillance.
  • You have to clean the Guinea pig cage regularly.
  • You can also cut their claws and bath them if necessary.
  • During the holidays, never leave your guinea pigs alone. Try to find someone around you (family/friend) who can take care of them. Otherwise, you must find a pet sitter.

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A routine forms the structure of guinea pig’s daily life. So avoid making too many changes and, if necessary, do it steadily. Always remember getting a guinea pig is easy, but the hard part is to take care of them.