Grooming Guinea Pig

Grooming guinea pig

Here are some essential tips for pet’s owners about Grooming guinea pigs

The following basics are necessary to know in order to grooming guinea pig safely and to help keep them healthy.

Coat Care:

A guinea pig enjoys being lovingly and gently combed and brushed. Giving your pet that of attention is a way of showing affection in addition to keeping it clean and serving as a good skin message. It also affords you the opportunity for early detection of vermin and skin diseases use the following guidelines for the various breeds of guinea pigs. Short of smooth haired and Abyssinian guinea pigs need daily coat care only during shedding season. On the other hand, longhaired guinea pigs must be combed and brushed daily, because their hair can reach a length of Eight inches (20cm) and more. Form early on, accustom guinea pig to being groomed even if it’s caught of hair is not yet fully developed.

Ear Care:

A guinea pigs ears are small, Thin flaps of skin with scarcely any hair cover in them behind each ear is a bald spot. The ears will sometimes get very hot and pink ears my turn red. They can also get quite cold. These hairless ears possibly play a part in helping the guinea pig regulate has body temperature. Clean your guinea pig’s ear about once a month or after bathing to remove any stray droplets of water.

To clean the ears, apply a small amount of mineral oil to a cotton ball. With your pet placed securely on your lap, gently and carefully clean inside the groves and folds of the ear with a swab. Never push the swab deep into the ear canal. Some guinea pigs dislike having ears cleaned, but most will find it soothing. Guinea pigs are not very far from the ground, And because their ears of are little in the way of protection, It is easy for dust, Dirt, And other particles to get trapped inside. Cleaning the ears also removes the wax that is naturally present inside. Lightly pigmented ears have pale yellow wax inside them, While darker ears have wax that is nearly black in color.

Bathing Yes or no?

In General, There is no need to bathe your small friend. Wash it only if it is extremely dirty-owing to diarrhea, for example- or for medical reasons such as a mite infestation and then in lukewarm water, at 77 to 80.6 F( 25-27 C).

To com-bad vermin use a special shampoo prescribed by the veteran Arian: otherwise, very mild baby shampoo is sufficed.

  •  Groom shorthaired coats daily only during the shedding season.
  •  Bathing is necessary only when the hair is completely
  •  Cut the claws at a sharp downward angle.
  •  Clean out dirty ears with a paper tissue


All guinea pigs benefit from daily brushing, And for the longhaired breeds, It is absolutely essential to keep the coat a healthy, shiny and free from tangles. Daily grooming also encourages Bonding between you and your guinea pig and helps you to keep a watchful eye on your pet’s health. You will be able to detect any subtle changes that could be cause for concern.

Cleaning the Eye:

Use a dampened, soft paper tissue to remove any crusts that form in the corners of the eyes of your pet. Always wipe toward the nose. A certain, copious flow of tears is a sign of inflammation or injury. See the veterinarian about this.

Nail care:

Guinea pigs have four toes on their front and three toes on their back feet. The toenails must be kept trimmed for your sake as well as your pets because a guinea pig walks on his toes, Long Nails will impair has the ability to move correctly. On hard floors, a guinea pig with long nails will not have any traction, and on carpets, long nails may catch and tear. Trim The nails about once a month to prevent them from splitting and breaking.

The guinea pig that is healthy and happy grooming theme-selves at great length and keeps their coats scrupulously clean. Be sure to clean their pen or cage on a regular basis.


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