Has Your Guinea Pig made himself dirty? Or caught dandruff, fungal or parasite infection and therefore, need a bathe? Then what might be hovering in your mind is what shampoo to opt for your little piggie. If you don’t have Guinea Pig shampoo in your home, then the most obvious thought that may have come across your mind is going for baby shampoo. But can you bathe a Guinea Pig with baby shampoo? Let’s hear it from Dr. Jess.

The answer is NO. Any kind of human shampoo, even if it’s baby shampoo, is not suitable for animals. Even though it won’t do any chronic harm, it’s advisable not to use any baby shampoo on a Guinea Pig.

Why baby shampoo should be avoided

It has been noticed that many Guinea Pig owners have been using good branded baby shampoo for Guinea Pigs without having any adverse impact on their pets. So, you might question that & quot; can I use baby shampoo on my Guinea Pig as well.& quot;

Well, Baby shampoo is generally harsh for Guinea Pigs as it is an alkaline product. It can dry out their skin and can cause discomfort. If you need to use a shampoo desperately and don’t have a Guinea Pig shampoo available, you can use a very tiny amount of baby shampoo for bathing your Cavy. However, do make sure you rinse the shampoo properly after the shower.

Still, it would be best if you don’t use it because Guinea Pigs have a very strong sense of smell.The scent of baby shampoos can bother your pet. Guinea Pigs are naturally very clean, so if you need to bathe your piggie, and don’t have a customized shampoo for Guinea Pig, go for a bunny or kitten shampoo or just simply skip the shampooing part. Not sure how to do that? Then read ahead to know more about it.

How to bathe a Guinea without shampoo

The shampoo isn’t essential for bathing a Guinea Pig. You can bathe your Guinea Pig without it too. But first, you need to know what you can use for bathing a Guinea Pig. Here is a list of things you would need. Check if you have all of these or not.

● Towel ( preferably more than one)
● Few Guinea Pig toys
● Warm water
● Small soft brush
● Dryer (optional)
● Comb

First, take warm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot or cold. Check it using your elbow or wrist. A good place for bathing a Guinea Pig is a sink. So, choose a specious sink and fill it up with warm water.

If the temperature seems suitable, then firmly hold your Guinea Pig and gradually soak their feet into the water. Initially, it would take time to adapt to this wetness. So, they can get panicked. Therefore, hold them firmly so that they can’t slip through your hand for escaping. And don’t putthem in the water before they seem to get accustomed to it.

After your Cavy gets normal to the water, slowly release him in. Please make sure its eyes, nose, ears are out of the water for avoiding any kind of breathing issue or complications. Put some of your pet’s favorite toys in the water so that he has something to engage his mind while bathing.

Next, gently rub his body with your hand. Use a soft brush to scrub his skin and clean his fur. Don’t be harsh while messaging him.

Now, take out your Guinea Out of the water, wrap him with a towel, and wipe out the water from his body. At this stage, you can cuddle his towel wrapped small body. This will make him feel warm, comforted, and secured.

The following step is optional. That is drying off your pet using a hairdryer. I again repeat, you don’t necessarily need to do this. But you can do this if you want as it is preferable not to have them wet. But you have to be cautious while using such a drying agent. Don’t put your Guinea Pig under direct heat. It’s better to use low heat air. Also, you should use the dryer from a safe distance.

The next step is to comb your piggie’s fur. Guinea Pigs that have long furs can get their hair knotted after taking a bath. So, using a small comb, gently brush Guinea Pig’s fur.

Finally, you can take some coconut oil in your palm and rub it on your piggie’s body. Coconut oil is excellent for the Guinea Pig’s body. Messaging Guinea Pig’s body with coconut oil will generate good blood circulation and give your Guinea Pig tangle-free, shiny fur.

So, this was a complete guide for you for bathing your Guinea Pig without shampoo. But if you feel the need for using a shampoo and don’t find a Guinea Pig shampoo nearby, then what would you do? For your rescue from this concern, here I list some of the affordable Guinea Pigshampoo alternatives that would meet your needs.

Guinea Pig shampoo alternatives

If you don’t have access to Guinea Pig shampoo, then here are some options for you.

1. Homemade Guinea Pig shampoo- You can make your own DIY Guinea Pig shampoo. For that, mix these ingredients-¼ cup apple cider vinegar + ½ cup distilled water + ¼ cup dish-washing liquid + 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil + few drops of essential oil Mix this mixture thoroughly and leave it overnight before using it. All of the ingredients used here are natural cleaning agents that will help you clean your Guinea Pig without any adverse impact.

2. Washcloth- for giving your Guinea Pig a sponge bath, soak a washcloth in hydrogen peroxide and wipe your Guinea Pig’s body using it. This will wipe all the strain and dirt away from your Guinea Pig’s body.

3. Dust powder- another option is to use dust powder as a cleaning agent. All you will need to do is put a good amount of dust powder ( preferably that are made for Guinea Pig use) on your Guinea Pig. Then comb or brush its furs. This will eliminate all the odor and dry dirt from its body.


To sum up, the straightforward answer to the question- can you bathe a Guinea Pig with baby shampoo, would be a disapproval. However, you can opt-out for other safer options, as mentioned above. Also, going for only water bathe too isn’t a bad idea. But what you need to keep in mind is Guinea Pigs are naturally clean animals. They don’t even require a bath for even a month or two. So, be aware, and don’t go harsh on your pet regarding cleanliness concerns. Check this article – Guinea Pig facts for new owners out for more Guinea Pig amusing facts.