Guinea Pigs are so lovely, full of the joys of spring animals. All they do throughout the day is running,playing, popcorning. But sometimes these bubbly little dudes also get sick and inactive. Losing appetite,weight, and becoming lethargic are some common health issues Guinea Pigs have.

One of the common medications you might come by yourself is feeding your pet some high calorie and healthy snacks like Pistachio! But can Guinea Pigs have Pistachio? Pistachio is a very popular snack among people and also has a good reputation as a healthy food. It contains some good fats, fibers, and minerals for which it’s a super food for us humans.

However, is it healthy for your pet too? Can Guinea Pigs eat pistachios? The answer is a big no-no. Pistachios are high in fat, Calcium, phosphorus, and carbs that are hazardous for Guinea Pigs. So, pistachios are not good food for Cavies at all. Give a further read to the article to understand why Pistachio is not recommended for Guinea Pigs.

Effects of feeding Pistachios to Guinea Pigs

Pistachio or other nuts are not usually poisonous for Guinea Pigs. But Guinea Pig’s digestive organisms are smaller and fragile and can not digest all kinds of foods. Fatty foods like nuts do not benefit them at all. Consuming Pistachio or any other nuts can bring about various dimensions of health risk for your delicate pet.

Take a look into pistachios nutritional value to understand why pistachios are not so healthy for Guinea pigs.

Present nutrientsAmount per 100 g
Sugars7.81 g
Dietary fiber10.3 g
Fat45.97 g
Protein21.35 g
Vitamin B61.274 mg
Vitamin C2.3 mg
Vitamin C3.3mg
Calcium110 mg
Phosphorus484 mg
Iron4.2 mg
Potassium1042 mg
Magnesium120 mg


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From the chart, you can see Pistachio contains a potential amount of fat, carbohydrate, Calcium, and phosphorus that are detrimental to Cavies. On the other hand, the amount of right nutrients like vitamin C is relatively low. Here are some of the health complications Pistachio can cause to Guinea Pigs.


As pistachios are high in fat, carbohydrate, and calorie, they can make your Cavies overweight and lead to obesity-related health complications.
2. Poor digestion and Diarrhea

The Guinea Pig’s digestive system is very delicate. The dense and complex nutritional property of Pistachio can wreck Guinea Pig’s digestive functions. Following to which Guinea Pigs can face Diarrhea, bloating, stomach ache, GI stasis, and more.

3. Bladder Stone

Pistachios contain a significant amount of Calcium and some acidic properties which a Cavy can not process being herbivorous. Feeding Guinea pig nuts for days will result in the deposition of this Calcium in the bladder and kidney and form stone subsequently.

4. Allergies

The components of Pistachio nuts can show allergic reactions in some Guinea Pigs. Sneezing, itching, breathing problems are some allergic complications seen in Guinea Pigs.

5. Urinary Tracts

Pistachios are rich in protein and carbohydrates. Guinea Pigs are sensitive to these complex food components and can’t digest them easily. Therefore, Pistachios can cause urinary tracts to Guinea Pigs.

6. Harm to the nervous system

Folic acid and vitamin A present in pistachios can get impaired in Guinea Pig’s joint, and thus their nervous system can get affected.

7. Choking

Pistachios are tiny seeds like nuts. If you offer Guinea Pigs pistachios, there are chances that they might swallow it without giving a proper chew. As a result, the nut can get stuck in their tiny throat. This can choke your pet to death.

8. Production of harmful enzyme

Feeding pistachio nuts to Guinea Pigs can offset their delicate digestive balance and can produce harmful enzymes within their body. The function of these enzymes can be life-threatening for Guinea Pigs.

So, you see, pistachios or any kinds of nuts are deplorable choices of foods for Guinea Pigs. Several dimensions of health hazards Pistachio offers to a Guinea Pig.

So, the ultimate suggestion would be, don’t feed your Cavy pistachios. You won’t like your innocent pet to suffer by any means.

Do Guinea Pigs like Pistachios!

Now that you know pistachios aren’t the best foods for Guinea Pigs, you might get curious do Guinea
Pigs even like them? Do Guinea Pigs eat Pistachios enjoyingly if offered? Well, the fact is rodents do
enjoy eating nuts. And as a member of the rodent family, Guinea Pigs enjoy eating nuts as well. When
you are enjoying this healthy snack pistachio, your pet might also want to taste them. But, give a think
before you feed your piggie pistachio.

What to do if you’ve already fed Guinea Pig pistachios

Pistachio can harm your Cavy in multiple ways, as you’ve already learned. But what if you’ve already treated your pet with pistachios? Well, feeding a tiny amount of it won't possibly harm, but you still can’t ignore the health risk of pistachios. If you’ve provided your piggie pistachio already, then check on your Cavy. Observe if any of the below health complication symptoms are present in your pet or not.

● Passing loose or watery stool
● Not passing stool for hours
● White or milky pee
● Breathing issue
● Frequent sneezing & itching

These symptoms are some possible reactions of feeding pistachio nuts to Guinea Pigs. If you find any of the symptoms, you should consult with a veterinarian immediately. Also, feed your Guinea Pig healthy and uncomplicated foods like hay, green veggies, and water those days.

The Bottom Line:

Guinea Pigs are herbivorous; the best food for Guinea Pigs are timothy hay, some specific green veggies, good quality palette, and plain water. These are the only foods that your pet requires to survive with good health. Offering some occasional treats will bring fun and some extra nutrition in your piggies diet. But, be wise about choosing food.

Now that you know can Guinea Pigs eat Pistachio or not, give a thought each time you opt for such food.

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