Have you ever seen your piggy unnecessarily chewing paper, cardboard, or newspaper? It is a typical scene for guinea pigs. Most of the time, they chew something in order to keep their teeth in a shape, but can guinea pigs eat paper?

Well, they can eat papers only a little bit, because papers are not the actual food for your piggy. Though there is no immediate harm to eating paper, but consuming too much paper may lead to digestive problems. They do not have any nutritional value either. Want to know in detail? If yes, then keep reading-

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper? Things to Know About the Topic:

Before moving on to our main topic, I would like to describe something significant and also interesting info about your pet—

Why Guinea Pigs Always Need to Chew Something:

Guinea pigs always need something to chew. There are four possible reasons why they need to do it. They are—

1. Their Teeth Need to Work: Guinea pigs have continuously erupting teeth from the very beginning of their life. They have to maintain their teeth size. If their teeth become more extensive, they face problems while eating. So they need to shape their teeth by continuously chewing something.

2. Due to Nervousness: This can be compared with nail biting. Many people start to bite their nails when they become nervous. Similarly, your piggy can chew something because of nervousness. You need to observe your piggy if it is happening for environmental change.

3. Seeking for Attention: If you do not give much attention to your piggy, it may be dissatisfied with it. So it can chew paper, cardboard, or other things to draw your attention. Make sure to play every day with your pet; then, it won’t have any complaint to you.

4. If They Get Bored: Do you often introduce your piggy new things? That’s good. But if you don’t, your pet may get bored and start to chew something. I hideway, chewable tunnel, or a new hay rack can help your pet to feel something different.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Paper:

If we look at the composition of paper, the main ingredients of paper are—

  • hemi cellulose,
  • cellulose,
  • china clay,
  • calcium carbonate,
  • A piece of paper of newsprint contains modified lignin along with those ingredients.

We know that cellulose is mainly carbohydrate. Specifically, it is a fiber, and the human body can not digest cellulose. There are some bacterias in our gut that helps to digest them. But the stomach of a Guinea pig is susceptible.

So, the answer is, yes, guinea pigs can eat paper. Paper has almost zero nutritional benefits, but it is not dangerous, either, because there is no harmful chemical in it.

But your piggy should avoid eating paper, as they do not have any nutritional value. But if they eat paper accidentally, it will not harm them immediately.

If you ask about the newspaper, it is not the same as regular paper, because the whole newspaper is printed with black ink and the inks should not be consumed.

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Side Effects of Eating Paper:

  • If your piggy eats a little amount of paper, you don’t need to worry about it. It won’t cause any trouble.
  • But if your piggy eats a lot of paper, it may suffer from diarrhea and digestive depression.
  • If the Guinea pigs eat colored paper, it may cause diarrhea and vomiting, because ink is not safe for the piggy.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can guinea pigs eat cardboard?

Well, your piggy should not eat too much cardboard, because it is comparatively more rigid than any paper or newspaper, so if they eat hardboard, they could not digest it. But they can use a piece of cardboard only for chewing.

2. Can guinea pigs eat ink?

It would not be wise to give ink to your loving pet. They can eat a little amount of paper, but ink contains many harmful chemicals that may cause diarrhea, vomiting, and depression of the digestive system. So, never let your piggy play with ink.

3. Can Guinea pigs eat colorful paper?

As I said before, inks contain harmful chemicals. Different types of dies and colors contain toxic chemicals, too. So always try to give the white paper to your piggy for playing.

Because of their erupting teeth, they always need something to chew on, such as—paper or cardboard. If they accidentally eat them, they can be irritating for their stomach.

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The Bottom Line:

People often become confused about the Guinea pig food, as their digestive system is so much fragile. Even sometimes, their special food also can cause irritation. So, you need to be more careful about your Guinea pig’s food. So, that’s all from my side. If you have anything to ask, please comment below.