If you have both cat and guinea pig as your loving pet, this article is surely going to help you, because today I am going to discuss about their food.

When a person has a cat and guinea pig, he/she may think that can guinea pigs eat cat food or not? Well, they can. Eating dry cat food will not do any harm to your piggy, but you should not feed them cat food intentionally.

Read through this article because here I am going to share with you many pieces of information about your guinea pig food.

What Is Dry Cat Food?

Usually, the commercial cat foods are known as dry cat food. They usually come in a dry form or wet form. In the US, they are called kibble.
These foods are specially made for the consumption of cat because they have specific requirements from the dietary nutrients, such as— vitamins, amino acids.

The best food for cats is protein, like meat. Meat helps to make their heart stronger.  some of the favorite foods of the cats are—

  • Cooked beef,
  • turkey,
  • lean deli,
  • chicken,
  • salmon,
  • trout,
  • mackerel,
  • tuna,
  • herring,
  • whitefish

Composition of Cat Food and Guinea Pig Food:

  • A portion of ideal cat food should contain 50% calories, 40% fat, 1-2% carbohydrate, and water.
  •  On the other side, an ideal Guinea pig food should contain 40-50% carbohydrate, vitamins, especially vitamin C, carbs, and other vegetables.

Clearly there are a lot of differences between Guinea pig food and cat food. Cat food is mostly protein based, and guinea pig food is mostly carbohydrate based.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cat Food?

Yes, your piggy can eat cat food, but not on a regular basis.If your guinea pig food is stock out, you can introduce cat food to them. It can be a good option for your piggy. But cat food will not give the proper nutrition that a Guinea pig requires.

Moreover, if you feed a lot of cat food to your piggy, it may get sick because cat food contains a lot of protein.So the Guinea pig stomach has to work very hard to digest protein. Even we, human beings, also need more effort to digest protein. So, it may lead to diarrhea to your pet.

Also, we have seen the cat food contains about 40% fat. The Guinea pig should not eat that much fat, because too much fat consumption may lead to obesity and heart disease.

Guinea pigs have to eat some vitamin C rich food every day because they can not synthesis it within their body. Deficiency of vitamin C can cause ulceration of the oral cavity and even can cause scurvy. But most of the cat foods do not contain water soluble vitamins that much. After the whole discussion, you can easily understand what you should feed your guinea pig and what not. I recommend you not to feed cat food to your piggy on a regular basis; you can feed it sometimes when needed.

Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Cat Food? 

Baby Guinea pigs should not eat anything except the best guinea pig food for the first few weeks of their life. Then you should not introduce cat food to your piggy suddenly. At first, try to feed them some vegetables and fresh fruits. When they become used to it, you can gradually introduce the other foods to your pet.But if you notice some abnormal behavior of your baby pig, immediately stop feeding cat food.

Because of the different requirements of the cat food and guinea pig food, the nutrients are often not helpful for them.
If you feed too much cat food to your baby piggy, it may suffer from digestive system depression, diarrhea, irritation, vomiting, etc.

Can Cats Eat Guinea Pig Food?

Yes, obviously, they can. The cats have a much better and strong digestive system than Guinea pigs. So, there will be no problem if your cat eats the guinea pig food, but I recommend not to feed guinea pig food to your cats on a regular basis.

The cats need a high amount of protein and fat content in their diet. If you give them only guinea pig food, they may suffer from protein energy malnutrition and deficiency of fat. If your cats like Guinea pig food, you can feed them occasionally.

Though their requirements are different, but you can feed them sometimes to make a change of their food or to experiment with their foods.

Bottom Line

In this article, I have talked in detail about cat food and guinea pig food. Can guinea pigs eat cat food? Yes, you can feed cat food to your piggy. Also, you can feed guinea pig food to your cat. But you need to be careful always to protect them from getting sick.
So that’s all for today. I hope it was helpful to you. If yes, then do not forget to leave a comment below