Do you often see your Guinea Pig nibbling cardboards? Do you feel worried about it?

If you are a Guinea Pig owner, you might have noticed how much you provide your Guinea Pigs fresh hay they need; they’ll still chew on staff they find, specially cardboards. However, can Guinea Pigs eat cardboard? Is it safe or not!

Well, to your relief, yes. Guinea Pigs can eat cardboard. Cardboards are a completely safe food and chewing toy option for your Cavies. To know more about cardboards as your pet’s food, give this article a further read. I’ll attempt to explain why Guinea Pigs eat cardboards, the importance, and precautions of giving cardboards, how to offer it, and how much to offer it.

Why do Guinea Pigs eat cardboards?

First of all, Guinea Pigs are herbivorous mammals. Their digestive system allows them to digest cellulose and pulpy fibers that are present in plants. Cardboards are basically made of cellulose and fleshy fibers derived from woods and plants. So, your little pet’s digestive system can handle this without any ill effects.

Secondly, eating cardboards helps Guinea Pigs wear down their teeth. Guinea Pigs have open roots. This situation means their teeth never stop growing. If their teeth keep growing at such pace uninterrupted, this may cause dental problems to them. Chewing and eating high cellulose food like cardboard materials grind their teeth short.

So, if you ever wondered is cardboard safe for Guinea Pigs or not, now you know it’s completely safe and, in fact, good for your pet, if not bad.

Importance of feeding cardboard

As you are now aware that Guinea Pigs can eat cardboard without any health complications, a question might arise: is it essential to feed a Guinea Pig cardboard? Especially when you are giving plenty of hay to your piggie. What will happen if your Guinea Pig never eats or chews cardboard? Here’s one thing you need to know.

Hay and other Guinea pig regular foods are great nutrition providers for Guinea Pigs and good chewing agents. Chewing these foods help Guinea Pigs wear down their incisor teeth. But to wear down their molar teeth, hay and other regular foods aren’t enough. For that, they need something more rigid. Cardboards can suffice this need. So, if your piggie loves to chew on
cardboard objects, feel free to let them do that.


Never feed your Guinea Pigs colored cardboards. The dye can be detrimental to them.

❖ Never feed a Guinea Pig cardboard that was previously used to store chemical-based products because there might be a hue of chemicals that are harmful to your pet. Boxes come with food inside them is alright.

❖ Never feed unclean or dirty cardboard to your piggie. You want to provide your Cavy cardboards, not dirt.

❖ It is always better to offer smaller pieces of cardboard. Big pieces can cause choking

❖ Don’t let your Guinea Pigs eat heavy cardboards. Lighter cardboards are fine and digestible for them. But heavier cardboard is n’t very much suitable for Cavies.

How to offer Cardboards to Guinea Pig

Does your Guinea Pig always nibble at its toys? Most of the Guinea Pigs do that. So, a brilliant way of offering your Guinea Pig is to provide them with cardboards as toys and playing materials. You can make small toys of it, and let your piggie play with it. They’ll happily play with it and can also chew on it when they want.

You can stuff a cardboard box with Guinea Pig foods like hay and greens and place it in your pet’s cage. They'll be able to enjoy the food as well as the container box as an additional bonus food. Another right way to serve cardboard is to cut small pieces of cardboard and directly offer it to your Guinea Pig as a food.

How much to offer

Cardboards make good food for your pet. But it doesn’t mean you can let them have it all the time. First of all, how good cardboard can be to your Guinea Pig as a portion of food can you never consider it a staple food for them. Your pet’s diet should include Timothy hay and other Guinea Pig foods mostly. Because these foods offer proper nutrition to your pet, which
cardboards can’t.

Eating excess cardboards can create a blockage in a Guinea Pig’s stomach. Therefore, you should only offer a limited amount of cardboard to your piggie on an occasional basis.


Q) Can Guinea Pigs eat paper rolls?

Answer: Yes, they definitely can.

Q) Can Guinea Pigs eat paper?

Answer: Yes, they can. However, it’s best not to let them have it.

Q) Can Guinea Pigs eat wood?

Answer: Yes, Guinea Pigs can digest woods. Apple, Birch, Beech, Pear, Hazelnut, etc. are some excellent woods options for your Guinea Pig’s consumption.

The Bottom Line:

Guinea Pigs are so sensitive, little creatures. Therefore, worrying about their food is one of their owner’s; prime occupations. However, their digestive system isn’t that fragile,as you thought.They can easily digest nonfood materials like cardboards that not even our digestive system can handle. So, if you ever had faced this indecision, can Guinea Pigs eat cardboard or not!Hopefully, you have your hesitation gone after reading this article.