Imagine living alone just by yourself without anyone to communicate and spend time with! Just the thought of it seems uncomfortable, right? Just like human beings, Guinea Pigs are extremely social, friendly, and emotional animals. They thrive on interaction with companions. These fluffy, little creatures need a lot of attention, care, and companionship to be cheerful.
You might have witnessed or heard from someone about a guinea pig being dead soon after its cage mate’s death. If so, then you must have wondered, can guinea pigs die of a broken heart really! Surprisingly enough, the answer is yes. Read ahead, and you’ll learn why the guinea pig death of cage mate can cost another Guinea Pig its life.

Can Guinea Pigs Die Of Loneliness?

Guinea Pigs are social beings. They are used to living in big herds for generations. So when domesticated, they need an association with whom they play and socialize. Living without peers is an unnatural phenomenon for them, and it’s after the physio-psychological effect is tremendous. Guinea Pigs or Cavies are seen to lose appetite and interest in doing any activities. In fact, a significant imbalance in their hormonal release has been found in research. As a result, soon after a Cavy loses its partner, they become incredibly vulnerable to sickness and get prone to death.

Why Having A Companion Is So Important

Keeping your Cavies with peers can be beneficial for them in quite a few ways. When kept in isolation, Guinea pigs become extremely insecure, nervous, and fearful. A companion can keep away such agony.
Companionship has other perks too, in the case of these furry pocket pets. Two Guinea Pigs can take care of each other when bonded. For instance, if a Guinea Pig falls sick, other Guinea Pigs tend to help that sick one, if anyone of the Guinea Pig faces any danger, the other Guinea Pig will make noise to draw the attention of the owner. They can play together, help each other find food, and keep each other fulfilled.

Can Guinea Pigs Live Alone After One Dies

We’ve already known that keeping a Guinea Pig alone can be fatal to it. However, is it inevitable that a Guinea PIg will die after losing its mate?
Fortunately, it is possible to keep a Guinea Pig alive and sound even after losing its partner. Though introducing new Guinea Pig after death will be the best thing you can offer to your lonely pet, some other actions can, too, keep the loneliness away from them. Read further to find out what to do when a Guinea Pig died.

How To Treat A Guinea Pig When It loses Its Cagemate
Create A Perfect Environment:

➢ Give your Cavy a big cage so that it can have enough room to play.
➢ Surround them with little toys with which they can play.
➢ Guinea Pigs love chewing. You can give them something they keep chewing.
➢ Cavies do enjoy adventures. You can make wooden houses like structures or keep small boxes in their cage where they can climb, hop, hide, and play.

Don’t Bring Sudden Changes In Its environment:

Guinea Pigs are crucially sensitive. They get attached to things around them so much that any change in their environment can be bothersome. In fact they get excessively stressed out, which can even be dire to his health. A concern might arise, can Guinea Pig Die of stress? Well, any stress can affect a Guinea Pig the way he is affected by loneliness. So, make sure you don’t stress him out by keeping offering him new environments.

Play With Your Pet:

Guinea Pig’s need for the association is irreplaceable. When they lack a Guinea Pig partner, you have to spend a significant amount of time playing with these loving bubbly pets. Guinea Pigs can bond with humans, too, just like other cavies peers. But, you’ll need to let him adjust with you. You will have to show him a lot of affection to create such a bond.

Guinea Pigs love cuddling. You can take your Guinea Pig in your lap and stroke it. He will enjoy this warmth and affection. You can also free him sometimes from his cage so that he can play around. But, you must make sure you release him in a terrain devoid of harmful materials for them.
You can also take him to the gardens. You will see him become very joyful.

Keep Track Of Your Pet’s Health:

Whenever a Guinea Pig loses its mates, their health can deteriorate significantly. Keep checking its body temperatures, if felt different then other times, do take him to a veterinarian. Make sure your Cavy is eating enough food necessary for its good health.

By abiding the mentioned rules, you can keep your Cavy animated and merry. However, keep that in mind that no laws can be proved as effective as introducing new Guinea Pig after death as a companion. If you can’t adopt a new one, you should give your lone pet away to a friend who has another Cavy or to a Guinea Pig rescue center.

Can Pigs Die Of Loneliness!!

The sound of Guinea PIg might make you feel that it has any biological similarity with pigs. However, in the actual case, Guinea Pigs are neither associated with Guinness nor pigs. But, a pig’s health is also compromised when in stress. Excessive stress can lead to a hypermetabolic state, which may result in high temperatures and low pH. Following which their muscle cells can get damaged, and they can get heart failure. So, just like Guinea Pigs, stress can be deadly to pigs as well.

My Guinea Pig Died And I Can’t Stop Crying.

Losing a pet is never easy. Pets are often like children to us. The way our association gives them joy, their association is a source of pure merriment to us too. They show selfless passion to us, which is hard to get over. We keep thinking about what has gone wrong, what we could have done.
The memory of them popcorning at our approach, cuddling in our lap, is something that can never really be forgotten. So what we can do if we lose our beloved pet!

Indeed, there is no easy way out of this pain. You have nothing else but accept the loss. Allow yourself to cry if you feel like it. Let the emotional release.

Give yourself some time. When you have a pet, you adjust your daily routine as per your pet’s need. Engage yourself in a new routine with activities that give you joy. This will help you a lot to move on.

If you feel too empty, you can adopt a new pet. Make sure you give your pet a good life. The satisfaction of that will be so overwhelming. Spending time with your new pet will help a lot to adjust to the emptiness.


Guinea Pigs are like a cute, fluffy ball of happiness. Now that you know how fatal loneliness can be to your loving pet, make them have associations, offer them the joy of companionship. And they’ll be the most adorable creature on earth for you and a source of reciprocal pleasure. Hopefully, you’ve got your answer to Can Guinea Pigs to die of loneliness.