Mull this over while getting guinea pig supplies: a water bowl is flawlessly suitable for a dog or a cat. But when it comes to rodents, they incline to knock dishes or bowls over quite often. Because of this, whenever you will be looking for guinea pig supplies, better be well-counseled to avoid water dishes or water containers. Instead, outfit your cage with the best guinea pig water bottle.

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Glass or plastic: Choosing the proper material for Guinea Pig

Are you thinking of buying water bottles for your guinea-pig? I know how important the element is when it comes to picking up a water container for your beloved pets.

Out there, you would see both plastic and glass containers are available. But which one to choose?

Let me help you figure it out!


  • Perfectly durable
  • Easy to go for washing
  • No retaining odor
  • Leakproof with no pore
  • Resistant to the bites and chewing of cavies

Bad Sides:

  • A bit expensive
  • Little difficult to handle and heavy


  • Easy to operate
  • Available at a low price
  • Light in weight
  • Long-lasting
  • The BPA free materials go safely

Bad Sides:

  • Getting scratched by nibbling pets is often
  • Some have narrow feeding mouth

Go ahead and pick that suits your beloved furry companion the best for easy water drinking!

Our Top 3 Recommended Best Guinea Pig Water Bottle

Ceramics Slient Bottle for Guinea Pig

  • Capacity is Enough
  • Perfect for Small Pets
  • Doesn’t Make Any Noise

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Patented No Drip Water Bottle for Guinea Pig

  • Design is Pet-Friendly.
  • Easy Cleanup
  • Mini Size Nozzle Suitable

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Bell Bottle and Hold Guard Small Animal

  • Adjustable Straps Included
  • Four-Ounce Capacity
  • Nozzle Size is Great

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Top 8 Best Guinea Pig Water Bottle Reviews for 2020

1. Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Water Bottle for Guinea Pig

Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Water Bottle for Guinea Pig

This is the US designed leak-free water bottle that allows zero drip and is extremely suitable for your guinea pig. The BPA free bottle is safe and holds 11.2 ounce water in one take. So the capacity is great.

The user-friendly design with screw on the bracket will give you enough freedom to nail it within your wooden furniture or wall easily. You would easily be able to refill or simply clean the water whenever you want.

  • The design is pet-friendly.
  • Easy cleanup and refilling.
  • The material is safe for small pets.
  • Easy installation on with brackets.
  • Mini size nozzle suitable

Bad Sides:

  • You need to check every refill to make sure water comes out.

2. Kordon/Oasis SOA80304 Bell Bottle and Hold Guard Small Animal

 Kordon/Oasis SOA80304 Bell Bottle and Hold Guard Small Animal

The SOA80304 by the brand Kordon Oasis is a rigid water bell bottle that will be a great hold-guard design to have for your beloved pet. It has a great security that will keep the bottle in place in an appropriate way and with much safety.

It is an optimum quality bottle for small pets like hamsters, hedgehogs, gerbils, rats, and mice. The round bottle top will not motivate your pet to chew it. So it will keep the bottle from away from chewing damage.

  • There are adjustable straps included.
  • Four-ounce capacity.
  • A great and safe way for drinking.
  • The nozzle size is great.

Bad Sides:

  • It might leak sometimes.

3. Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

Choco Nose H128 Patented No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

The US patent water bottle is completely leak-free with the included nozzle and gives optimum drinking ability for your pets.

The BPA free material is safe and convenient for your pet’s health conditions. Also, the small-sized nozzle is a great and very suitable bottle for your guinea pig. It comes with screw-on brackets.

  • The bracket’s snap-fit attachment works great.
  • You can easily nail it to walls.
  • Eco-friendly nozzle.
  • Safe material for pets.

Bad Sides:

  • If roughly used then water may leak.

4. COCOPET Dripless Pet Drinking Fountains No Drip Dog Water Bottle

COCOPET Dripless Pet Drinking Fountains No Drip Dog Water Bottle

The no-drip water bottle will keep the surface wet free but keep your pets hydrated no matter how long you stay at work. The usability is super-easy and you will find it super simple to set up.

The 4-stage regulating is another convenient feature that will do much help. It’s one of the perfect guinea pig water bottle in this price for small breeds.

  • Safe for small pets.
  • It is a durable bottle.
  • BPA free material.

Bad Sides:

  • May take some time for rodents to get used to.

5. Dahey Drinking Water Feeder Ceramics Slient Bottle Waterer Automatic for Guinea Pig

Dahey Drinking Water Feeder Ceramics Slient Bottle Waterer Automatic for Guinea Pig

The water bottle for pets has a leak free design to make drinking easy and less noisy for your pigs. It will effortlessly help your pets have water from the bottle.

Not just that, the automatic feeding system is within the bottle. This procedure will make sure the water is clean and fresh. Even when you plan to have a short trip with your pet you would have sufficient water for your pet.

  • Great water bottle for short trip plans.
  • Capacity is enough.
  • Perfect for small sized pets.
  • Doesn’t make any noise.
  • The built-in quality is good.

Bad Sides:

  • This is a bit painful to clean.

6.RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

The RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle is a sip style nibble resistant container. You’ll be surprised at its higher quality metal nipple. Its water filling capacity of 32 ounces can keep your mini piggy hydrated all day long.

The flip cap durable container comes with easy refilling. Hang it anywhere around the cage with a metallic bracket or clip. The versatile bottle is specially designed to avoid water spilling mess. Its wide cap opener gives you an easy-cleaning comfort!

  • Resistant to chewing and bites
  • Total control over backflow of water
  • Clean water with no microbe
  • You can easily observe the water level reading
  • The BPA approved bottle
  • No-drip sturdy nozzle

Bad Sides:

  • Leak trouble sometimes causes a continuous water flow
  • Its drinking tube is somewhat large and can’t fit in small cages.

7.Living World Eco + Water Bottle

Living World Eco + Water Bottle

Are you looking for an eco-friendly bottle for your furry guinea-pigs? Check the Living World Eco + Water. It is a recyclable container made of glass and has got amazing no-drip functions!

The affordable flask comes in multiple sizes. Install it firmly around the cage with its elastic hanger. No need to change the bottles in a few days, its durability will amaze you. The two-ball bearer saves you from cleaning troubles. You can check the indication grid for the water level easily.

  • No leakage with its excellent waterproof surface
  • Dual ball bearing ensures zero-drip
  • Carved with a waterproof bar that indicates the water level
  • The medium size bottles make it easy to refill and handle
  • Water stays fresh for a long time with no contamination

Bad Sides:

  • The drinking bottle comes with a little opening making it a bit difficult to clean
  • Glass bottles get damaged easily if not handled carefully

8.Lixit Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottles for Guinea Pigs

Lixit Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottles for Guinea Pigs

What makes the Lixit Wide Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottles for Guinea Pigs stand out is its wide and easy cleansing design. This easy-to-use drinking flask facilitates a stainless metal nozzle to keep your cavy away from biting. Its sipping tube is sealed with two elegant material balls to avoid leakage.

The affordable bottle is so spacious that it can hold 32-ounces of freshwater at once. It’s equipped with a sturdy wire bracket so you can hang it in your pet’s cage.

  • 100% free of BPA
  • Water holding capacity is excellent
  • Comes with a tight vacuum seal to ensure leakproof
  • Cleaning and sterilizing seem easier for its spacious opening
  • Smooth tip and stain-free steel tube to feed your pet

Bad Sides:

  • First turn over of the bottle causes a continuous water drizzle for a short time
  • Cavy can scratch or nibble the plastic water flasks

How to Choose Best Guinea Pig Water Bottle – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Installing a water flask gives your mini pets easy access to unlimited water! But have you checked what criteria go perfectly as water holders for your cute nibbling cavy?

If not, stop worrying. Apart from the bottle reviews, we are here to enlighten you with the factors you must go through a check while buying the best bottles for your cavy pigs.

Let’s have a look at the considering factors:


Have you verified the components of the flask model before purchasing it? Cavy drinking flasks usually come either in plastic or glass model. Choose any one you prefer but check the following:

  • No BPA existence
  • Resistive to contamination
  • No harmful odor

Water capacity

While selecting the right water containers for your pets, make sure the bottle you use can accommodate a large quantity of drinking water. Hence, you don’t have to fill your pets’ bottle repeatedly, and the small creatures stay hydrated for too long.

Non-leaking property

Leakproof property is crucial to inspect. If your bottle or nozzle drips water, you’ll end up with trobles like repeated cleaning, and refilling. What a big mess! To get rid of the problem before installing, be sure to carefully look at the surface so that it holds no leakage.

Steady support

Another unavoidable thing you should look before getting a pet drinking bottle is its hanging supports. Nowadays, the containers come with hanging stuff or hook. Always ensure that the hooks are stable to hang within the cavy cage securely.


Nozzles are important because it allows a proper way to sip water through the bottles. When you decide to buy water flasks, you should also come up with the idea of nozzles. Twisted or straight, get the perfect nozzles suitable for your little pets.

Indicating grid

How much water do your piggies drink? Well, an indication bar on the bottle makes it easy to keep that in your account. You don’t need to frequently open the container to check the water level for refilling purposes, rather glace at the grid bar!


Getting a water flask doesn’t end your task; you need to cleanse it as well. So, I suggest you select a bottle that is easy to maintain and cleansed in a jiffy. Remember never to use hot water to clean plastic bottles. Otherwise, it gets melted.

Resistance to chewing

Well, you, too, know that your playful cavies have got nibbling teeth. So, you better look for water holders that are chewing resistant to avoid the drizzling mess.


No matter how much time you need to get you the best bottle, never ignore the durability factor. The nibbling pets can scratch or press the bottle unwillingly. So, to avoid damage, make sure it’s long-lasting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Guinea-Pigs Drink from a Bowl?

Yes, it is no big deal for your cavy pigs to drink from a bowl. For sick pets, the bowl is the best drinking facility.

But there is a slight problem you may face. Dish or bowls can get tripped over accidentally by your pets. It leads to cleaning trouble and a waste of food for contamination.

How Much Water Do Cavy Pigs Drink?

A fit and healthy cavy needs per day approximately 100ml of contamination-free drinking water. But the amount may vary for different cavies.

Most importantly, in the case of the sick ones, their water consumption is more than the regular need. The best suggestion would be to go for an easy supply of water. Hence, they can fulfill the water needs.

How to Attach Your Cavy Pet Water Holding Bottle to the Cage?

The attaching process depends on the designs of the bottles. Nevertheless, you can follow two simple hanging steps:

  • Metallic clip: If your bottle is wrapped with metal holders, press it against the cage bars and clip it horizontally.
  • Screw hooks: Many cavy bottles are with screw attachment. You just have to screw up the bottle from behind the cage.

Make sure the bottles are attached right above the piggies’ head.

How Do You Clean a Guinea-Pig Water Drinking Bottle?

The bottles usually come with a cleaning manual. You can follow them. You can also go through the mentioned steps:

  • Rinsing with warm or hot water, wipe it.
  • Use a brush for deep cleansing, particularly for narrow opening bottles
  • It’s better to avoid soap for sterilizing purposes, but if you use, make sure to remove soap particles completely.

Watch: How to Setup Guinea Pig Water Bottle?


Finding an excellent drinking flask is difficult. But now you know how to look for the best guinea pig water bottle. So, make sure you go for a check over all those features.

Keep your mini furball hydrated with no issue of spilling and microbial attack!