Best guinea pig hay (Review & Buying Guide)

best guinea pig hay

If you have a tiny animal pet like guinea pigs you have to know about the dissimilar kinds of grass hay and alfalfa that are finest for your pet. Feeding your guinea pig hay has many advantages. If they are not getting sufficient hay into their food you are sure to have lots of medical glitches with your pet.

Hay is vital in the life of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas besides hamsters. It’s also something that they must have a never finishing source of 24/7 to be capable to chew on whenever they sense the need. Here I’ll review some of the Best guinea pig hay available in the market.

Best guinea pig Hay detailed reviews!

Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay

Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay

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The Kaytee hay is low protein plus calcium hay type that will help to upkeep urinary health of your pigs. The high fiber of these hay will assist you to keep digestion and other matters under control. Also this hay will ensure your pigs receive an extra nutritional value which is a must for their good health.

The feeding is simple and mess free for most of the time. This is because of the wafer cut to peel off feature that these hay can support with. These have cultivation of USA and so the right nutrition will always be available for your pig’s goodness.


  • It is great for nutrition.
  • Easy and quick to feed pets.
  • These are optimum for health.
  • It is a huge size for long use.


  • A dull green look.

Western Timothy Hay for small pets by Oxbow Animal Health

Western Timothy Hay for Pets by Oxbow

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This is a hay for pets from the reliable Oxbow Animal Health that takes care of your pig’s wellness.

The bag is 90 ounce which is adequate amount for the pets. The high quality fiber will impress the veterans to a great extent. And so you can easily feed them to your rabbit or pigs or chinchilla without any hesitation.

The hay does a great job to fulfill the nutritional requirement a pet has. So the digestion is always well functioning and you can keep a good track too.


  • The whole packet is completely dust free.
  • Bunnies and guinea pig love this hay.
  • The hay is very fresh.
  • It comes with a reasonable price.


  • Thick and a bit rough.

Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting “Perfect Blend” Timothy Hay Pet Food

Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting "Perfect Blend" Timothy Hay Pet Food

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This Timothy Hay by Small Pet Select brand is the perfect pet food you can have for the rodents. The quality of the hay is up to the mark making it really nutritious for pets.

The packaging is in small batches. So it would be perfect for all small animal owners. They hand select the hays for ensuring the superior food quality.

The delivery is fresh and quick to reach your house in a safe sturdy easy to open box system. It’s also simple to store for a number of days.

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  • The hay is fresh and green.
  • There’s no chance of much wastage.
  • The bag is less dusty.
  • These are firm but not coarse.


  • Not suitable for pets who like soft cuts.

Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay Pet Food

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We all know how important Orchard Hay is for the optimum health of most pets guinea pigs. This grass hay by the brand Small Pet Select does the job and ensures the nutrition your pet needs.

The food is hand selected. So they will mostly be safe to have. Also they pack in tiny batches making it convenient to avoid any kind of wastage. It ensures minimally handling to make sure the freshness stays for long time.


  • Extremely nutritious for pets.
  • The manufacturing is safe and beneficial.
  • It offers small batches that are convenient.


  • It finishes off a bit quickly.

Small Pet Select 3rd Cutting Super Soft Timothy Hay Pet Food

Small Pet Select 3rd Cutting Super Soft Timothy Hay Pet Food

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This is a second cutting hay from small pet select once again. The high quality timothy hay will take care for your pigs, rabbits and other small animal’s health needs. The small batches in one package helps to avoid possible wastage which I really like. The hand selection method ensures you get the top quality hay for better nutrition.

The box is easy to store and also simply open closes according to needs. The texture and fiber is from first to third cutting.


  • The delivery is fresh.
  • They hold hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • The hays are leafy.
  • Most of the guinea pig will love this hay.


  • Some hays can be too long.


What are the characteristics of the best guinea pig hay?

  • High protein content.
  • Bright green in color.
  • Best guinea pig hay free from must or mold and dust.
  • It is fine stemmed and pliable – not coarse, stiff and woody.
  • Assuring the maximum content of minerals and vitamins, and the highest digestibility.
  • It “smells” good enough to eat

Guinea pigs eating hay


Time is also a product these days and going to the shop every week to get hay just isn’t very tempting. Buy in huge amounts to save yourself a little additional time to do what you need, not what you have to. Also remember to choose a good quality hay bundle for your beloved pigs. There good health should be your number one concern. Good Luck!






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