Best guinea pig Food Brands of 2019(Review & Guide)

best guinea pig food

So you finally got a guinea pig home. But have you ever wondered what will you feed that tiny little critter? The best guinea pig food contains high-quality ingredients that are appropriate for your guinea pig!

Healthy diet of guinea pigs will not only make them stay healthy but also it will help them thrive in the pink.

But when it comes to getting a right type of food, the matter becomes a little complex. But don’t worry, we have compiled 10 best guinea pigs foods so that whatever you get for your pet, you get the best one.

So, for this, you will need to take a little effort to check them out and then decide.

Our Top pick guinea pig food

Name Image Price
Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig Check price
Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets Check price
Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting “Perfect Blend” Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting "Perfect Blend" Check price

10 best Guinea pig food details review

Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig

Oxbow Essentials Adult Guinea Pig

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Only an adult guinea pig owner knows how much essential it is to get them food with high fiber formula. If you own an adult one, then this is the best guinea pig food you can consider from Oxbow.

Coming in a big 10 pounds bag, the food will keep your pet full for a long period of time. So, you don’t need to buy the food that much often.

This food has been stated to be health-focused. It contains fewer calories, protein grams, and calcium since it has been made with Timothy Grass meal. And as the adults need lesser nutrients than younger ones, the food will keep their digestive tract in the pink with extra fiber.

Moreover, the food also contains calcium-to-phosphorus ratio as well as Vitamin C that are great factors to keep the pig healthy.


  • Lower in calcium, calories and protein.
  • Keeps the pig’s stomach full for a long time.
  • Ideal for adult guinea pigs.
  • Has extra fiber.


  • The zipper closure might not work.
  • You might find it pricy.

Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets

Small Pet Select Guinea Pig Food Pellets

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Another best guinea pig food that has given immense positive nutrients to the little pets.

This food by Small Pet Select comes in the 5-pound bag and the brand boasts it to have made with the finest ingredients.

Just like the previous one, it too has been fortified with all the necessary minerals and vitamins that will help your pet grow healthily and quickly.

The food has been milled in smaller batches because it helps keep the food fresh and flavorful.

To add more, the manufacturing from the United States can also give you enough assurance of their quality.

However, the brand has recommended to feed it with moderate amount of fresh veggies and water so that your piggy get all the components that they require to grow.


  • Fortified with necessary minerals and vitamins.
  • Milled in smaller batches to keep the food fresh.
  • Recommended to feed with water and veggies to help them thrive.
  • The foods smell fresh.


  • The zip lock top might not work.

Standlee Timothy Grass- Premium Western Forage

Standlee Timothy Grass- Premium Western Forage

Check price on Amazon

With Standlee’s Timothy Grass, your rodent will get to experience the best guinea pig food in the form of simpler Timothy Grass.

It comes in 10 pound box and contains enough fresh food that will be full of flavors and nutrients- a combination that your piggy will love.

The best thing is that it has been made up with all the natural ingredients, so there is no chance of any chemical or noxious weed.

The food is rich in dietary fiber and contains very less amount of calcium and protein. Not only it offers a well-balanced diet but also it helps keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Another plus point is that the hay has been hand sorted and sun cured prior to keeping them inside the box. So, your pet will get fresh and flavorful food to eat.


  • Lower in calcium, calories and protein.
  • Rich in fiber.
  • Keeps the pig’s stomach full for a long time.
  • Contains enough fresh food full of nutrients.
  • Free of chemical and additives.


  • Small shredded pieces can be there with the food which must be taken out.
  • Each of the batches will be different to each other.

F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Alfalfa Timothy Hay Pellets

F.M. Brown's Tropical Carnival Alfalfa Timothy Hay Pellets

Check price on Amazon

If your piggy happens to be really into pallets, then you can think of getting this best guinea pig food by F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival.

The food has been boasted enough to be vitamin-nutrient fortified. And it is specifically formulated for the pet’s daily requirements.

It has additional probiotic elements that further help in stimulating better digestion. With this, the pig will be able to attain the most of the rich ingredients.

Another plus point to mention is the addition of Vitamin C. The stabilized element will act as an essential supplement to boost up your pet’s health and maintain the immune system properly.

Alfalfa pellets and timothy hay are rich in fiber. And this factor is also the reason of a better digestion.

The food comes with Zoo vital biscuits that will help a lot in keeping the gums and teeth of the pet healthier.


  • Comes in 5 pound bag.
  • Rich in fiber.
  • Additional probiotic elements help in digestion.
  • Contains vitamin C that helps function immune system.
  • Zoo vital biscuits keep the gums and teeth healthy.


  • Contains seeds which pigs should not consume.
  • Plain and bland food without any veggies added to it.

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health

Check price on Amazon

Kaytee’s Forti Diet Pro Health can be your pets favorite if you want to gift them some fresh and good food.

It has both the prebiotics and probiotics that help a lot in supporting digestive health. Speaking more of the positive sides, the food happens to be high in natural antioxidants. Having this factor also promotes further in health and immune system.

Moreover, the food comes in the form of larger pieces. Its crunchiness can be a big reason to develop the dental health through their natural chomping activity.

Another great thing about the food is the packaging. And this is why the food smells fresh that ends up attracting the guinea pig.


  • Great packaging keeps the food fresh.
  • Great for keeping immune system healthy.
  • Keeps dental health in good condition due to bigger and crunchier pieces.
  • Keeps the digestive system optimum.


  • Few of the pigs might not like the food.
  • Plain and bland food without any veggies added to it.

Kaytee Timothy Hay

Kaytee Timothy Hay

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New entry by the brand Kaytee. But the food is as fresh just like all of its other products.

The hay contains very less amount of calcium and protein. With this, you can expect the food to provide urinary health to the pet.

Rich in fiber is another factor that makes the hay the best guinea pig food in the market. Not only it keeps the pet healthy but also does the same for digestive system.

Coming in 12-pound bag, it will give you enough quantity of food so that you don’t need to take the hassle of buying it frequently.


  • 12-pound bag will have a lot of quantity of food.
  • Contains less amount of calcium and protein.
  • Promotes urinary health.
  • Promotes digestive health.
  • High in fiber.
  • Offers additional nutritional variety.


  • The zip might not work properly.
  • Bad batch might contain shredded food and it can be quite drier.
  • The package did not mention anything about Vitamin C.


Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food

Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food

Check price on Amazon

Let us introduce VitaSmart by Vitakraft that has proved itself to be the best guinea pig food in the market.

It comes in 8 pounds and tends to be enough rich in fiber timothy formula.

In addition to this, the food further helps enhance skin health and make the coat shiny. And it has been made possible only because of having Omega fatty acids, natural oils and flax seed. Although, some users mark the seed to function as junk food. But when it comes to this particular product, the seed will rather benefit the pet.

The food also has other essential factors such as antioxidants, Dha Omega 3’S and Probiotics as well as minerals that also help promote the health in a better way.

The brand boasts it to have higher bioavailability of nutrients that is very needed for the pet to thrive.


  • Rich in fiber timothy formula.
  • Contains flaxseed, omega fatty acids and natural oils.
  • Food helps promote skin health.
  • Keeps the coat shiny.
  • Contains complex minerals and probiotics.
  • Features high bioavailability of nutrients.
  • Contains antioxidants.


  • The plastic zip is not very user-friendly.
  • Some of the critters might not like the food.

Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting “Perfect Blend”

Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting "Perfect Blend"

Check price on Amazon

If your pet wants nothing but a perfect blend of fresh food, then you must have this one from the brand Small Pet Select.

The brand boasts to be passionate about the pets for which they hand select and package in smaller batch.

As for the food, it contains leaves with soft stems and sufficient flower heads.

The fiber and texture fall in between first and third cutting. And since pet-lovers consider second cutting to be ideal, you will find it enough great.

The packaging is wonderful. It is easy to open and close. You will also find it sturdy enough to keep it clean and fresh.

The smell is fresh and appealing as well. So, your pet is meant to get attracted to it.


  • Contain leaves with soft stems and sufficient flower heads.
  • Third cutting texture and fiber.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Keeps the food fresh and intact.
  • Has a wonderful smell.


  • The piggy might refuse to eat harder pieces.
  • You might find a lot of hay dust under the packaging.

Wild Harvest Wh-83545 Advanced Nutrition Diet

Wild Harvest Wh-83545 Advanced Nutrition Diet

Check price on Amazon

Want to meet another best guinea pig food? Then have a look at this one by Wild Harvest.

The food offers a complete assortment of nutrition which is required for your guinea pig to consume. It does not only provide essentials such as minerals and vitamins but also give them a healthy lifestyle through the food.

Besides, it also provides them mental and physical stimulation that helps them thrive in a better way.

The food has sufficient amount of Vitamin C that makes them maintain good health and nutrition.

Coming in flip container, the food can be kept in it fresh for a longer time.


  • Container keeps the food fresh and intact.
  • Contains sufficient amount of vitamin C.
  • Contains minerals and vitamins.
  • Helps promote digestive system.
  • Helps promote mental and physical stimulation.


  • Some of the guinea pigs might not like the food.
  • You might find it expensive.

Sharllen Apple Sticks Pet Chew Toys

Sharllen Apple Sticks Pet Chew Toys

Check price on Amazon

This one is actually considered as a chew treat rather than a particular food. However, you can still consider it as the best guinea pig food from Sharllen.

The packaging comes 300 gram in weight. although the number is uncertain but each of the sticks will be 6 inches long. And yes they are real apple tree branches.

The plus point is that all the sticks are natural and they have a sweet taste; something your pet would love to chew.

Moreover, these sticks will also ensure the healthy growth of their dental health which is important for them.

Besides, the brand has claimed it to be purely hand-made so you can expect high quality and safety from the treats.


  • Treats are 6 inches long.
  • Great for the pet’s dental health.
  • Apple wood branches are organic.
  • Sweet hence it will appeal the pig.
  • Handmade so the sticks will be high quality.


  • Some of the pets might not like chewing on it.
  • You might find it a bit pricy.

The Buying Guide

Factors to weigh up


Different rodent foods have been formulated with a variety of ingredients. Make sure the food you pick is made up of high-quality ingredients so that the food provides a lot of nutrients and minerals to the pig.

Bag size:

There are many foods that come in the range from 1 pound to 10 pound bag. Each weight of bags offers different benefits. Suppose if you get a lighter bag, you will get to enjoy easy maneuverability. And if you get a bigger one, you won’t need to buy the bag more frequently.

Chemical free:

No matter which of the types you pick, be it pellet, hay or other kinds, make sure the food is free of chemical-related ingredients. Because such elements are harmful to their health.

Age-based food:

While some of the foods are ideal for adult guinea pigs, some are great for younger. And since rodents nutritional requirements change as they age, it is essential to go for the product that will meet their current needs.

Hand selected food:

You will find many brands that claim their ingredients to be hand selected. It ensures the food to be made up of highest quality elements that are required for the growth of rodents.

Artificial flavor:

Whenever you will look for a guinea pig food, make sure you check the label carefully. There are many food that comes with artificial flavors which are very harmful for the guinea pigs.

Types of Guinea pig food

Grass Hay:

Grass hay typically comes from the Timothy grass plant. It is not only used as the bedding of your pets but also it is one of the important parts of their diet. Not just that, grass hay is also something that your rodents require to chew up for better dental health.

Besides, the hay also helps in keeping their digestive system healthy. Moreover, it also helps prevent their chompers from growing too long.


These are also known as the nuggets but there is a slight difference in the quality of the pellet and the nugget.

If your pet is into pellet food, then look for one in term of nutritional value. Because this is what they need for staying in the pink. At this point, it is not recommended to opt for foods depending on their price because your focus should completely be on their health and necessities.

Dried Food:

You will also find other kinds of dried food that are there in the market such as muesli style pre-packaged food. Although dried food is stated to be ideal for guinea pigs but it is better if you avoid them since your rodents will simply end up picking the favorite pieces and leaving the rest. So, if you want to avoid food wastage, dried food is not a good option.

However, the packaging of this dried food might claim to offer a well-balanced diet, but due to this wastage, the rodents might not get all the necessary nutrients that they need.

Fruit and Veggies:

Guinea pig also requires a range of fresh fruit and veggies just like we do. It will not only help supplement their health but also offer them a well-balanced diet.

You can also provide them fruits but that should be done occasionally. Because the sugar element in the fruit is not very a healthy element for them on regular basis.

Try to offer the pets a small amount of fresh food every day. A cup per rodent can be an ideal quantity. And always remember to wash the food. However, it is wise to avoid giving them excess amount of fresh food since it will cause them gaining weight or diarrhea. Keep in mind that hay grass should be kept as main food source.

Also, you must know which fruits and veggies will be better and safe for the pet to consume and which of them can be fed on regular basis.

Nutrition and Vitamins

Guinea pig is stated to be a hindgut fermenting herbivore. Such rodents do not only consume veg but also consume vital nutrients that are found in their own poops.

Guinea pigs are specifically prone to issues related to digestive system. Hence, it’s important that you keep their diet well-balanced to avoid such problems.

Not just that, you also need to keep a track of their consumption of proper amount of minerals, nutrients, fats, fibers, vitamin C and phosphorus.


It would be very good if you note down a feeding schedule for the betterment of your piggy. Not only it will promote healthy eating but will also stop them from gaining weight

Your pet will start considering mealtime as a part of their schedule rather than thinking it to be humdrum. You will also find them to appreciate a daily ritual since it is one of the features of such creature.

However, guinea pigs happen to be most active in the morning and evening time. This, provide them pellets for their breakfast with some amount of veggies. You should also feed some portion of veggies in the evening as well.

To make the schedule more interesting, you can also do one thing which is to provide them with veggies and pellets in separate dishes. And after that, in the evening, you can feed them leaves with other veggies mixed in.

Ensure that you don’t end up exceeding the suggested quantity because this will be bad for their health. You can include fresh green leaves while grooming and handling, so that you can make interesting interaction with your pet more in a friendly way.

Also, don’t forget to feed them plenty of hay and water in between the schedules.

Benefits from the food

  • Consumption of hay on a regular basis brings a lot of perks. Hay features a big amount of fiber which is great for the pets’ digestive system to function properly. Chewing hay also helps their teeth to prevent from growing excessively longer.
  • Pellets help make the eating activity more interesting. Although pellets also help them thrive in a healthy way but too much of pellets can cause dental issues as well as obesity.
  • Both pellets and hay have vitamin C that guinea pigs require to consume for their growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much food you should feed the rodent?

A: It is not very important to measure each of the food servings. However, it’s better if you get familiar with a healthy portion of the food and with the way it covers the dishes. Once you get familiar with this, you will understand when your piggy is off their meal and when they are completely full.

  • Hay: Hay should be fed as much as they can. Consuming a great amount of hay will bring them nothing but benefits.
  • Pellets: Pellets are ideal especially for adult guinea pigs. However, you should feed them about 6 gram of dry food by 100 gram of its healthy bodyweight.
  • Water: you should make them drink around 10 to 40 ml of water per 100 gram of its body weight. On warmer time, they might need more.
  • Fresh Veggies: it is enough to feed them about a tea cup of fresh green veggies each day.

Q: What is the favorite food of guinea pig?

A: The guinea pigs can have their favorite food just like other usual critters. To understand their favorite, you might require to try out feeding different types of foods and treats so that you can discover which of them is enticing the pet. It’s just you will need to ensure that you feed them safe food.

While some pigs have a specific preference for particular greens or veggies such as parsley, kale or spinach, some will have special fondness for fresh fruits like bananas. Although, it’s better to avoid feeding them too much of fruits since sugar content in them will not be good for their health.


Although the products that we have picked up happen to be the best in the market. But if you have no idea of your pet’s preference, you will need to try out feeding them a variety of types. But yes, don’t forget to feed them hay food regularly, because this is one of the most ideal foods that help them thrive greatly.


  1. If you are worried about your guinea pig s health, switch to the Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food. It has a high concentration of vitamin enrichments that can help improve your pet s health through natural sources of healthy nutrients. It also has high fiber Timothy Hay pellets.


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