Are you planning to get your guinea pig a home? Do you want to gift your pet something that will help the little critter grow up healthily? Finding the best guinea pig cage can be a bit difficult!

But if you take a look at the write-up, it will no longer be that much hard.

Because, here we will highlight the 10 best of them so that getting one for your pet can become an easy decision.

Top Best Guinea Pig Cage In-Details Reviews

1. Midwest Guinea Pig Cage

Midwest Guinea Pig Cage

A house may not be a home without a guinea pig. But even if you get the pet home, where will you keep it? For this, ‘Guinea Habitat’ cage by MidWest can make an ideal choice.There will be living area coming in 8 square feet which is quite big enough to house about two guinea pigs at max. But make sure it’s two and not more than that.

Besides, the cage has been stated to be very long-lasting and leak proof as well. For its easy maintenance, the brand has designed it in such so you can remove the PVC line canvas bottom and wash it. Speaking more about the bottom, it will also be great for your pet’s sensitive feet through providing traction and protection. However, the bottom comes attached with Velcro straps. The only problem with this is: the pets can end up chewing on it. And that’s nothing to like about.

Moreover, you won’t be getting any divider panel with the cage, but if you want one, you can buy it separately. You can also find it for indoor and outdoor use. And since the cage has 14 inches long high sides, it is able to offer both convenient and secure access for the pets. Another great thing about the cage is its easy assembly. It won’t take a lot of time to set up.

However, you might also find some minor drawbacks regarding the cage. Some of the users have claimed it to wobble, thus it can be pretty flimsy. You might also consider the bottom a little short for bedding. Not just that, users have also advised to place the bottom on a solid surface for proper placement.

  • Bigger area for accommodating two guinea pigs.
  • Leakproof and long-lasting.
  • Removable canvas bottom for easy maintenance.
  • The bottom provides traction and protection.
  • 14 inches high sides for convenient and secure access.
  • Easy to assemble.

Bad Sides:

  • The guinea pig might happen to chew the Velcro straps.
  • The cage can wobble, so it can be flimsy.
  • You might find the bottom short for bedding.
  • Bottom is required to be kept on a solid surface.

2. Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat

It’s not only you who would only wish to live around deluxe. Your guinea pig might think the same. And for that little rodent, Deluxe Habitat by Living World can be the best option.This particular cage comes in X-large size so you can keep around two to three pets easily if they don’t have any problems living with each other.

Deluxe Habitat which is also called to be the hybrid cage features an upper wire frame and a bottom base made of plastic. With this, the brand assures a secure and well-ventilated accommodation for your rodents. The best part is that the cage does not require tools to assemble it. You will just need some minutes to get the job done. And to add more, the unit includes a balcony that is partially enclosed. It can be a favorite zone for your pet to sleep, play and rest. You will also find a place on the top of the balcony that lets you keep the food and water easily.

You will also get a hideaway space beneath the balcony floor so that your rodent can get a secure and quiet place to hide itself. Besides, the unit also comes with a hay guard and a water bottle which you will find outside the cage. This is one of the smartest designs of the cage as it helps allow easy maintenance and save interior space as well.

However, there are also some issues found with the cage. One is the water bottle provided by the brand. It has been stated to be absolute garbage since it tends to leak continuously. Another problem is with the side door. People have griped about it to be very hard to open.

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  • Big area for housing about three guinea pigs.
  • Well-built and durable.
  • Assures a secure and well-ventilated zone.
  • Does not require tool to assemble.
  • Includes a balcony floor to sleep, rest and play.
  • Hay guard and a water bottle have been placed outside the cage for saving space and allowing easy maintenance.

Bad Sides:

  • The water bottle tends to leak constantly.
  • The side door is extremely difficult to open.

3. AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

Keeping your furry friend comfortable has now become possible for this amazing Pet Habitat by Amazon basics.Although the cage looks like any other regular cage but this simplicity and durability is the reason why people love it.

There is a big top and front openings so your pet can access to them easily and play around. The frame has been constructed with iron wire while the base has been made up of plastic. However, some people have been seen mentioned about the frame to be pretty wobbly. But that’s manageable. Moreover, the cage is stated to be Jumbo in size, but still, you won’t be able to keep more than two pets over there. This can be little disappointing.

However, you will find a balcony and below it has a hideaway space so your pets can get to curl up and stay comfortably. As for the balcony, you can keep some food there as well for your tiny friend. The cage includes non-drip water bottle and the best part is that you won’t experience any dripping with this bottle. There is a hay rack which fits outside the cage securely and leaves a big space inside it.

As for cleaning the cage, it’s easy except for the back corner below the second level. However, the Jumbo size can also cause a little hassle since it’s bulky in size. It can eat a huge space in your house and also can be hard to transport.

  • Able to accommodate two guinea pigs.
  • Big top and front openings for easy access.
  • The bottom is solid, thus cleanup is easier.
  • Balcony to keep the food dish.
  • Hideaway space for curling up and playing around.
  • Non-drip water bottle is moderately big enough to prevent drippings.
  • Hay rack has been fitted outside the cage to save interior space.

Bad Sides:

  • The back corner is hard to clean up.
  • Bulky in size so it will eat a huge space and also will be hard to transport.
  • The bars might tend to wobble.

4. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Deluxe Critter Nation by Midwest also knows how to impress you with its construction and appearance.This best guinea pig cage is a little different than the others as it has a stand with four wheels that you can lock to stop swiveling and unlock to use for transporting.

The unit will also give you pans but you might find it shallow. And it becomes easy for your pet friend to make messes as it goes onto the floors. However, if you are willing to do extra work in cleaning the cage and the pan, then it will no more be a problem.You will also find a ramp with cover. It has been designed especially for your critter’s safety so that they can feel the utmost comfort.Critter Nation has been designed with full-width double doors on it and there is a detachable shelf for you to get the easiest accessibility. Not only you can clean the cage easily but also feed your little critter easily.

Below the base has also a shelf that you can adjust easily. You can also use it to store foods and other essentials for the pets. Now let’s highlight the issues. Some users have found it to be very hard in transporting it. So, you might also find it heavy to face the same. Another problem is with the assembly. You cannot set it up alone.

Although it gets all the plus points for its construction but some users have griped about the doors getting bent. This can be a minor problem as well. However, if you happen to have two guinea pigs, you can think of getting it for them. We are sure, they will get happy.

  • Comes with a stand and four locking wheels for easy transportation.
  • Big enough to accommodate two guinea pigs.
  • Comes with adjustable and removable shelf.
  • Double doors for easy accessibility.
  • Ramp with cover for extra comfort and security.

Bad Sides:

  • Shallow pans make it easy for critters to make messes.
  • Doors might come out bent.
  • Very tough to assemble, hence setup requires two people.

5. Kaytee Complete Habitat Kits

Kaytee Complete Habitat Kits

Not all the brands offer cage with chew-proof guarantee. But with this Complete Guinea Pig Kit by Kaytee, the experience will be different.This unit is their best guinea pig cage as your little friends will feel safe and secure there for having chew-proof wire and latches.

The look is simple though, but it is huge enough to house two guinea pigs. But make sure they aren’t dwarf because their small size will let them get out of the bars easily. Otherwise, it’s great for your fat pigs. Besides, the deep base is another plus point of the cage. Not only it is easy to clean but also easy to slide in and slide out.You won’t need any tool to assemble the whole unit. So, in some sense, setting it up will be easy.

Moreover, the brand will provide other essential items as well such as water bottle, food dish and sample bedding. You will also get a sample of the pet’s food with the cage. However, you might also wish to have hay feeder with the other items but they didn’t include one.

Besides, some users have also complained about the food and bedding to be cheap while positive reviews were seen regarding bottle and the cage itself. Another problem with the cage is the door as it can be felt troublesome to open it.

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  • Chew-proof wire and latches for safety and security.
  • Enough large to house two guinea pigs.
  • Deep base for easy cleanup and maintenance.
  • Base is easy to slide in and slide out.
  • Easy to assemble so no tools required.
  • Comes with high-quality water bottle.
  • Solid construction.

Bad Sides:

  • Might not be ideal for dwarf pet.
  • The bedding and food are cheap.
  • The cage is tough to open.

6. Ware Manufacturing Guinea Pig Cage

Ware Manufacturing Guinea Pig C

Do you ever wish to buy a cage for your little friend that will not be felt like a cage but like a ‘home sweet home’? Then consider having this best guinea pig cage by the brand Ware Manufacturing.

Out of the three sizes, this one comes in medium dimensions with 28 inches long, 17 inches wide and 15.5 inch high. With 1 inch bar spacing, it makes the cage ideal for the pigs no matter how much small they are.You will find a big front opening doorway with the cage that lets your pet to get into it easily.

The best part of the cage is its construction. The powder-coated wire and plastic base is enough chew-proof so that your pet cannot chew and eat them. The plastic is high-quality but the wire is likely to be a bit bendable. However, the good thing is, you can fix it by bending it right back. The materials have been boasted to be stain and odor resistant. Thus, it is not only easy to clean but also it can be kept fresh for longer time.

However, as for the cons, you might find one regarding the door. It can be difficult to get the pan out of the door. And this might make you take the entire top off to get access to it. Albeit, it is not a big deal.

  • Chew proof wire for safety and security.
  • Enough large to house two guinea pigs.
  • Big front opening doorway for easy access.
  • Constructed with high quality plastic base.
  • Made up of stain and odor resistant materials.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to transport.

Bad Sides:

  • The wires are likely to be bendable.
  • The door is not big enough to take the pan out of it.

7. Ferplast Guinea Pig Cage

Ferplast Guinea Pig Cage

Meet Ferplast, another best guinea pig cage available in the market.It comes with the traditional structure having plastic bottom and wire net top. Since it does not have any chew-proof factor, the rodent can chew up the bottom if it happens to be a chewer.

However, the cage is enough roomy for the pet to accommodate. It is not only easy to assemble but also easier to maintain and clean up. Speaking about the maintenance, you will also find the base to be removable. So you can take it out for cleaning.

Moreover, the cage has a front door where it has been equipped with a special closing system. With this, the cage can prevent accidental escapes and you can control the pet in a better way.The plastic clips can be felt a little cheap so they might not be able to hold cage properly.

However, the cage will also come with a bowl, feeder, and a water bottle. There is a place of nest that comes with a partition for providing second floor to the pet. As for the water bottle, you can firmly fix it to the bars with its hooks. You will find a water level indicator on the bottle as well as the anti-drop steel valve which makes the maintenance easier.

  • Wire net top with plastic bottom.
  • Front door opening for easy maintenance.
  • Water bottle, bowl hay feeder included.
  • Anti-drop steel valve and water level indicator for easy maintenance.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Front door has a unique closing system with plastic clips.
  • Cage has a partition for offering second floor.

Bad Sides:

  • Plastic clips might be felt cheap and flimsy.
  • Plastic bottom can be chewed up by rodents.

8. Tespo Pet Playpen, Portable Large Plastic Yard Fence Small Animals

Tespo Pet Playpen, Portable Large Plastic Yard Fence Small Animals

If you are someone who got fed up with the traditional cage, then you can think of getting this Fence tent from the brand Tespo.

This best guinea pig cage comes with cable ties that help in building doors and making playpen that are ideal for any environ. You will also find anti-slip pieces with the cage that help avert the pet from slipping on the floor. The best part of the cage is its DIY part. You can build the transparent white panels into a variety of shapes as it offers different combinations to make the room look cool. The panels will eat about 20 square feet space. So, it will be quite huge.

Since the panels will be transparent, it will be easy for you to keep an eye on the rodent inside the fence. Besides, another plus point is its easy assembly. You will get an instruction manual that has been provided with illustration.

However, you might find the panels very light which makes it somewhat flimsy. Speaking more of it, the fence also tends to get bent and if you do not tie the panels together, they will easy come off which can be annoying. Another problem with the fence is dissembling it. So, you might find yourself struggling to take it down.

  • Transparent panels to keep an eye on rodents easily.
  • Big enough to house many rodents.
  • 12 panels offer you to give different shapes to build the fence up.
  • Easy to assembly.
  • Comes with illustrated instruction.
  • Features cable ties that help in building doors and making playpen.
  • Features anti-slip pieces that help avert slipping on the floor.

Bad Sides:

  • Panels can be felt flimsy due to its lightweight.
  • Can get easily bent.
  • Difficult to disassemble it.

9. Petsfit Wood Cage

Petsfit Wood Cage

“If it leaks, we won’t hesitate to provide a new one”- this is how Petsfit can win your heart if you get this best guinea pig cage for your pet.Not only they have given this assurance, but also they have worked on it.

This cage is stated to be taller than its older version and the brand claims that you won’t face any problem with this new one.The cage has been treated with water-based paint and the frame has been made up of soft wood. So if your guinea pig is a chewer, you might want to step back to go for it. Otherwise, it’s still a great cage to have.

Hydraulic arm can be a pain to assemble but you will love the result. There is pull-out tray that makes it easy to clean. You might find it a little tough to slide in and out. But before you pull the tray out, make sure you lock your pet in the hutch zone. Because, pulling that out will leave an empty bottom which can make your pet fall through. And since the hutch will have a solid floor, your pet can easily play around there.

However, the cage is big enough to house about three guinea pigs easily. You will love the design since it looks very simple yet classy. And not only that,you will also find it very easy to assemble, it will just take some minutes.

  • Brand will provide new cage if it leaks out.
  • Able to house three guinea pigs
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Made up of softwood, so it’s light in weight.
  • Pull out tray, thus cleanup is easier.
  • Classy and simple design.

Bad Sides:

  • Hydraulic arm is tough to assemble.
  • Soft wood is easy to get chewed by your pets.
  • The tray can be a little tough to slide in and out.

How to Choose The Best Guinea Pig Cage – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Size and Shape Significance:

The perfect dimensions of the cage for one or two guinea pigs measure 30-inch by 36-inch or 7.5 square feet. Not just that, you will also require an additional 1.5 square feet of space so you can add more pets to it. An open running space comprises of a square or rectangular area that will be uninterrupted by any kind of ramp.

However, you will find it in almost every other guide that the roomier the cage you will pick, the better it will be for the pet. The bigger cages will not get dirty easily and it will also ensure that the less ammonia is produced so your critters can live a hale and hearty life. When you get your pets an appropriately sized cage, they will also able to exercise on their own. So, not only it will increase their lifecycle but also will decrease the risk of health-related issues.

Besides, the pigs are kinds of rodents that rely more on floor space for their playtime. They are not a good climber; thus you don’t need any cage having multiply platforms. And even if you get one with elevated areas then make sure the ramp is not too steep.

Comfort is Compulsory:

Guinea pigs do not demand a memory foam bed. However, your pets would will want the cage to be as cozy as they get into it. So, prior to choosing the cage, check the cage if it has solid bottom. This will ensure the best bedding as well as comfort for the guinea pig.

The paws feet of such rodents tend to be too delicate to bear the pressure that can be caused by the roughness of mesh floor. Because, it makes their feet swollen and infected and you would definitely not want that right?

Analyze Accessibility:

A highly accessible cage will not only ensure easy maintenance but also guarantee longer durability. As you can reach each and every nook and cranny of the unit, it becomes easy for you to clean the cage quick.

However, a wire cage with a solid bottom is easier to clean. And it also helps prevent the waste buildup through letting the rodents separate their rubbish away from other stuffs.

So, you will need one that has a big sized opening. Even if you get a cage that comprises of two doors, that will be great. Because, with this, you will be able to make multiple interactions with your pets to make them your friend.

Extra Areas with Extra Airflow:

Go for a cage that comes with a balcony. It will add extra dimension as well as a better view for the rodent. Not just that, the space will also create a hideaway zone beneath so it can offer more privacy and relaxation.

Also make sure that the cage contains appropriate ventilation especially around those private areas. Because your pet will not only need the privacy but will also demand fresh air to breathe properly.

The Classes of Guinea Cage:

1. Hutches

If you are keeping your pet outside, then it might want to sleep in a traditional hutch. Hutch happens to be designed with wood so you can expect it to be heavier than a metal cage. So, if you are looking for a hutch cage, make sure you check if the cage has been weatherproofed. Also, you need to look for a felt roof for protecting the cage.

In addition to this, you will also require a waterproof covering or a blanket so that you can keep your rodent dry and warm.

2. Cages

Cage is either recognized by the plastic base and a plastic or wire mesh top. This is the traditional design of the Guinea cage. One of the greatest benefits that the plastic base gives is its easy maintenance. It is not only easy to clean but also easier to move due to its lightweight factor.

Additional Accessories for Guinea Pig Cage

Water Bottle:

The rodents will require access to fresh water which is needed to be changed regularly. It’s wise if you use the bottle that comes affixed to the bars at one side instead of placing the bowl on the floor. Such setting will help greatly avoid the water from getting tipped over.

Not just that, you should also check the size of the bottle if it fits the cage bars. And also check if it leaks or not. Because, there are many bottles coming with the unit that claim to be drip proof but still they drop out water.

Food Dish:

If you get food dish that comes with the cage, check if it’s heavy in weight. Because, this will prevent the pig from turning it over. You can think of purchasing a ceramic bowl since it is both easy to cleanup and heavyweight.

Moreover, you will also find some non-tip dishes that also work well but sadly they are lesser durable than that of the ceramic ones.

Chew Treats:

Some of the cages provide chew treats that also help give your pet some extra entertainment and pleasure. You might want the rodent to have plenty of chews toys in the cage. Because, when rodents chew up these treats regularly, it helps a lot in keeping their teeth healthy.

Location Factors:

It also does matter to look for a perfect place to keep the cage. Because your pet’s surrounding is not restricted to the confined area, it is rather opened up beyond the bars.

Here are some factors that must be kept in mind while choosing the location to keep the cage.


The perfect temperature for such kinds of rodents is about 65 to 75 degree Fahrenheit. Certain range of temperature refers to the neutral location and environment of the cage that must be kept away from all the extremes.

The reason is that the pigs are prone to heat strokes since they cannot sweat. For this, it is wise to place the cage away from heating vents, sunrays and fireplaces.

On the contrary, frigid places and rooms are also equally worse. You must keep humidity as an essential factor in your mind. Because, if the place is too humid, it can stimulate mold growth on the bedding and hay. And this will make the pet more ill.

Sound Level:

Rodents like guinea pigs have an extremely sensitive hearing. So, it is better you don’t keep them somewhere near to a noisy place. For instance, if you have stereo system, television in the room, then better avoid placing the cage to that room. Even the kitchen is not an ideal place for your pet to be kept.


The more guinea pig will grow with you, the more it will love to be around you. So make sure you don’t keep the cage so far from you that your pet doesn’t recognize you. Pig benefits from socialization so if you keep the cage in a place such as in living room, it will grant your pet the exposures it requires. Moreover, if you keep the pet around you, it will also be easy for you to give it the required attention.


  • Cage is ideal to be kept if you live around the place having inadequate outside room. So you do not need to spend extra money in buying a bigger hutch.
  • You can move the cage easily to colder or warmer or neutral place as it is easy to transport one.
  • Cage is very easy to clean out since you will have more accessibility.
  • Cage helps keep the pig cleaner if the pet has long hair. Albeit, that depends on the regularity of cleanliness.
  • It is easy to keep closer eye on the guinea pig if you bring a cage to the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the items should you keep in the cage for the guinea pig?

Answer: The cage should have food dishes and water bottle. Not just that, it should also have deep bedding, chew treats, pallets, fresh hay and fresh guinea pig food as well. You can also keep a hammock to make things more fascinating.

2. Does guinea pig require wheels?

Answer: Nope! Guinea pig doesn’t require wheels. Rather it’s very risky for the rodents since they can break their feet.

3. How would you clean the cage?

Answer: You will need to mix white vinegar with water. Make sure the water is warm. Use it to clean the cage. Keep in mind that whenever you will step ahead for cleaning, you will need to put papers or newspaper at the bottom so that it helps soak the moisture from there. After you are done with the cleaning, you can spray out alcohol since it will remove the smell of vingar from the cage.

Wrap Up

Cage, it might sound like a negative term but if you give it a home like environment, your pet would love to snuggle, sleep and play inside it. So, if you want to get the best guinea pig cage, then the list of 9 best can be of a great help. Hopefully, the list and the guide given here will give you enough confidence to choose the right one.