There is a diverse breed of rodents but they essentially have similar physiology and anatomy. Rodents aren’t really high preservation animals so it’s simple how to care for them. No matter if you’re keeping a potbellied one as a pet or you’re overseeing a guinea pig farm, their health should be your number one precedence. Like all beasts, providing suitable living quarters, nutrition, hygiene, health care and of course bedding to them should be one of your first priorities. I think you probably sensible in the best bedding for your guinea pigs.

And as this write-up is all about the best bedding for guinea pigs and we will highlight some of the popular picks from today’s market. We are sure you’ll find something reasonable and beneficial for your pig. So let’s begin!

Top 10 Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs In-Details Reviews

1. GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2 is a guinea pig bedding that allows maximum comfort for your favorite pet. The usability is very simple and that is just because of its effortless design. The bedding does not only prevent disease but also keeps your piggy’s health well.The bottom is completely waterproof. So the pee stays on put. Owners will relax and can easily do the clean up without getting a mess around the place. There is no paper or wood material used in construction. So no spilling around with extra layers or fleece. Instead, there are effortless pockets for piggy’s to stay happy.

Diseases like bumblefoot, URI’s, and urinary infections are easily preventable with this bedding. The linings are dust-free and anti-bacterial making them safe for pigs in your house. Each layer of the pads has a special ability to protect and absorb thoroughly. Also, the added benefit is, this bedding is completely environment friendly. And that’s why it is budget-friendly bedding.

However, you would have to use cold water for washing them. That is kind of irritating but to avoid shrinkage you must do that. You will also require daily clean up otherwise they might turn out sickening after a few uses. Some people were seen mentioning that, a mysterious glue type thing gets stuck with the blanket after washing. So you will need to check that too before drying them and that is a bit annoying.

  • The cage fleece liners are Great Odor Control and Comfort
  • Pockets are a very superior idea for guinea pigs as they love to use it as a blanket.
  • The superabsorbent bedding is also easy to clean.

Bad Sides:

  • You would have to use cold water for washing them.

2. Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

The bedding by Small Pet Select is one of the most perfect holding systems for guinea pigs. The manufacturing process involves complete safe elements. The soft bedding provides optimum comfort for pets. So your pet will get utmost softness while sleeping.

It also does a great job for absorbent. So your piggy won’t have to sit on wet or damp beds for a long time. The bags will upsurge up to three times of its original size. And so the package size is huge. It fits quite well into the suitable cages.

The paper for construction is totally bleach free. Making it very safe for your beloved pets since sometimes they try to eat the materials. Also, the paper is never printed. So this makes them extra safe and convenient as the main processing element. Get this ideal bedding if you have cute little guinea pigs or rabbit as a pet.

  • Has an absorbent bamboo filter that comes within the bedding.
  • There are no layers of fleece.
  • The infection, disease resistance and other health benefits are included with this bedding system.

Bad Sides:

  • The packing isn’t tough so bedding is required to charge more cost.

3. Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liner for Midwest Habitat

The cage liner by Small Pets and Company is the highest quality fabric bedding you can get for your guinea pigs. This brand is one of the most reliable ones out there with several years of service.The perfect fit bedding has created huge demand on the market. Also, it allows for shrinkage to let the bedding have complete security from messes.

The quality of the fabric ensures you have long-lasting bedding for your pigs. The convenient bedding never runs out of it. The special manufacturing method makes each of the products rough bedding to last longer. There are some pre-decided cage size that the manufacturer mentions with this bedding so you can easily find the desirable cage for better fitting.

However, some people felt that the soaking power is not that much great. You can try and follow the manual but you might not get the desired result. Although the pattern is wonderful, but soak up needs improvement.

  • No more run out of bedding.
  • Washing it is easy by shaking off the lines.
  • The cage fits well with the liner to ensure a comfortable grip.

Bad Sides:

  • The soak-up is not up to the mark.

4. Small Pet Select Unbleached White Paper Bedding

This paper bedding is again from the very popular brand Small Pet Select. They have received a lot of positive response from their customers for providing excellent pet products.The bedding with white surface helps find dirt and mess easily for easy cleanup. Also, the soft and absorbent making helps give enough comfort to your lovable pet.The bedding has a unique clean friendly design. You will be able to easily notice litters in it. And so you would find much ease to clean them up with messy areas.

The constructions include unbleached virgin fiber. So normally the bedding is super soft for mind-blowing comfort. The dust-free bed us safe for small pets since they are easy to get harmed with toxic chemicals. Also, the paper-based bedding is compressible to make it lightweight and easy to carry.

Now let’s talk about some minor disappointments. Some people complained about the size being smaller. Although it will be easy to clean but still the compact size might disappoint you.

  • The bedding for guinea pig is dust free up to 99%.
  • Provides extra comfort and safety to your pets.
  • The material is smudge free and never uses recycled prints.

Bad Sides:

  • The size is a bit small.

5. Carefresh Guinea Pigs Bedding

The Carefree bedding keeps in mind all the concern a pet parent would have. And so they include all the necessary features for making a comfortable pet bed. When it comes to this bedding, it feels extremely soft and uses comfy fluff as a base. So the bedding is cozy enough for small pets like guinea pigs, kitten and so on. Not just that, it does a great job to absorb any fluid within or any feces of your pet. Also, this is a great type of bedding that can repel fleas. Besides, cleaning it up also required zero efforts. All you will need is, low dust method to use the easy clean up that will make the bedding spotless.

It is quite easy to maintain the bedding which we found affordable. Also, there is no bad smell which can ruin your space that also counts for another great benefit from this product. And the best part is, it can stay fresh for ten long days. So if you are looking for a high-quality bedding within reasonable range, then you should definitely choose this best bedding for guinea pigs.

But before you opt for it, do check out some of its minor cons. Users have claimed that the texture for the recent products is changing noticeably. So, you can find it a little bit rough and coarse. Besides, it can also irritate by poking the hands. Some customers complained that they got wood chip within the bedding.

  • The bedding is able to stay fresh for up to ten long days.
  • You won’t find any odor or stink.
  • The absorbent capability is twice than the other ones.

Bad Sides:

  • You might find wood chip stuck to the bedding.

6. Guinea Pig Bedding | Fleece Cage Liners

The guinea pig bedding by Piggy BedSpreads is a great bedding for your pet pig that gives a fleece cage liner.The size it will fit is 48 x 24 x 0.5 inches. Fleece on it helps avoid absorbing wet things. And so your pet won’t have to deal with wet surfaces. However, it still can’t prevent stinks.The size gives a flexible fitting to any  Guinea pig cage. That’s a relief for guinea pig owners. The liners will fit some of the recommended cages. These are Pet Habitat jumbo size, living world X-large cage and Midwest Guinea Habitat.

The fleece also bunches up for extra absorbing. However, it still does nothing with stinks or bad odor. The manufacturer recommends to not use hot water for washing. It would be wise to ignore fabric softeners and use low heat to dry it up. You can also use vinegar to minimize odor.

However, things might get difficult when you will be vacuuming the bedding since hay can clog the vac. You need to shake it off taking it outside your house and then it might work fine. Even if the cleaning is easy, you need to clean the bed twice every week.

  • Great Odor Control and Comfort for Guinea pig
  • Easy to carry and have a place for inside the house.
  • The cleaning of this bedding is effortless and needs very less time.

Bad Sides:

  • Vacuuming the bedding can be tough.
  • The hay might clog up your vacuum.

7. Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

The Healthy Pet HPCC 30 liter is natural bedding for all type of pets. It is good quality bedding that comforts your pet with care.The weight it can absorb is three times better than other beddings. Also, the long lasting smell control feature makes sure you can enjoy a stink-free house all the time.You can use this bedding as a bunny litter easily. This is one of the cheaper versions that give optimum flexibility.

The best part is, the volume of the bedding can expand up to two times of the normal size. Hence, you will find it enough huge for the pet. There is a problem with odor but still, it offers some of the finest features. One super solution to control the odor is to mix litter deodorizer baking soda below the tiny box. This will work like magic to capture the smell.

So overall this is a great choice for pigs. Even if you have a tight budget, there is no big reason to stop you from buying it.

  • The size is huge and can expand up to double.
  • Able to give optimum flexibility.
  • Features long-lasting smell control.

Bad Sides:

  • Might diffuse some odor sometimes.

8. Kaytee Guinea Pig Bedding

This paper bedding by Kaytee is a completely new standard for a super comfortable, absorbent bedding model. It has the ability to naturally absorb more liquid than wood shaving. The clean and cozy bedding is super fluff for pet nesting and comfort. It is a great alternative for high-end beddings. You can also use it for your beloved guinea pig since the whole bedding allows for a mind-blowing dirt free experience. That is one of the most important concerns for pet owners since small pets are really vulnerable to dust and grime.

The bedding gives enough expanding. You can easily get a long-lasting dump-fill for quite a few times. Also setting up needs minimum effort and easy procedure following. So if you want to have comfortable bedding for your guinea pigs then you should go for it.

But wait! Before you have it, let us highlight that the bedding does have some smell issues. Because, the smell absorption is comparatively lower than the other rivals. Although, it won’t be that much problem as it will be a very light smell. Other than that, it’s great bedding to have.

  • Very easy to spot clean due to white color.
  • Can show mess free performance.
  • Able to expand to give a huge bedding vibe.

Bad Sides:

  • Smell absorption power is low.

9. JanYoo Guinea Pig Bed Accessories

The JanYoo bedding comes with a bunch of accessories for your pig pets that does great for super comfort and nesting.The package comes with a bundle of soft plushy that are also popular with kids. The toys that come along, however, are only suitable for animals who weigh less than one pound. The large sizes plushy are convenient for one to two pounds pets.The bed will give a comfortable sleeping with flexible compartments facility. You can easily remove it if you need to with an easy zipper.

Also washing the bed in a machine is super easy and harmless. The materials are all high-quality for guinea pigs nesting. Your pet even if they have extra fluff will fall in love with the comfort and softness.Not just that, the lines are very durable and perfect for everyday sleeping. Even if the pet scratches and claws the bottom it will stay perfectly fine.

However, you will have to be a bit careful with the measurements. There are complains that sometimes even the large size falls short for pets. Size is a bit small and so you need to talk with the manufacturer beforehand you make a purchase.

  • Removable so it is easy to detach and wash.
  • Comes with flexible compartments facility.
  • The large size will be great for big piggy pets who have extra fluff.

Bad Sides:

  • Size can be small.

10. Monster Pets Carefresh Natural Premium

Monster Pets Carefresh Natural Premium

Every bedding in this list will have some good sides along with a few negatives. Most of them are great and popular among customers. However, The Monster Pets Carefresh Natural Premium Soft Pet Bedding is the one that we found convenient for pigs in most ways. With excellent fluffy bedding and super durable material to maintain utmost comfort, there’s hardly any complains we have about it. This might not be the cheapest one out there but the features are absolutely worth the price. The Carefresh Natural Premium bedding is by the brand Monster Pets that is quite reliable as a manufacturer.

The bedding is safe to use for the pets. It will take care of the health of your pet as well. The materials are safe and free of certain toxic elements such as ink, dyes, chemicals or clay. To add more, the bedding has the ability to absorb smell that keeps the odor away. And since there is no bleaching factor, you will get more reason to love the bedding. Not just that, it is also great bedding that helps eliminate any damaging aromatic hydrocarbons. Also, it is completely anti-bacteria bedding. Your pets will have the safest comfort through this bed. Besides, the building of fungus and mold is also noticeably low.

If you compare it with other beddings, the formation of ammonia is much less in this brand liner. The super absorbance up to 3x ratio will keep your pets dry and clean all the time. The only problem with the product is that, if you have a chewer piggy, then the bedding can get eaten up by the pet.

  • Safe and comfortable.
  • Free of certain toxic elements.
  • There is no bleaching factor.

Bad Sides:

  • You might find it pricy.

How to Choose The Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Wood Shavings:

Wood shavings happen to be the best of them all. Wood shavings soak up water pretty well and they hang on to the top level dry so your guinea pigs won’t have their feet in their own faces. That can avert a lot of pollutions they are prone to.

They are inexpensive and you can get them almost anywhere, pet stores, and super shops. It is not tough to keep your house fresh with wood shavings. Even if your guinea pig chooses to have a bash and kick out specifics of the wood shavings out of the cage, you can effortlessly vacuum it. Wood shavings are reasonably soft and your pet would feel secure sleeping on them.


An extra popular route for guinea pig blanket is shredded paper. Pigs love it since it’s very calm. Its softness also guarantees that your pig won’t get upset. Shredded paper is also a decent option if you have glitches with a lot of dirt since it won’t harvest any. It’s vital that you use shredded paper that’s ink-less so that it won’t be poisonous to your pig.


One of the best bedding choices is hay. Cavies need amply of new hay in their diet. You can slay two birds with one stone and also use it for a comforter. It’s vital that the hay isn’t moist or moldy because that would be damaging to your pig. Some of the drawbacks of using hay is that is must be altered regularly since it doesn’t grip liquids very well and casts easily.


Towels soak up fast but it is difficult to provide enough towels once you have a guinea pig, or pigs, that appear to pee every 5 minutes. The towels would get dirty pretty fast and you would have to sterile your cage more regularly.

Vet Bed:

This is made from uniquely built-up, durable polyester that would not hold any microorganisms or bacterial growth. It is hygienic, non-irritant; dirt insolent, soft, calm, 100% safe, won’t cause reactions and it can be wash away in the machine. Any liquid would fall through the bed and leave the upper of the bedding dry. This kind of bedding needs dusting and washing every two to three days.

100% Hemp:

This is completed from hemp and while it is not the inexpensive bedding, guinea pig would love it! It is not as spongy as many other bedding kinds, but it would do. It is also very low on aroma but it is a bit dusty and wants to clean up process every 2 days. It is also a bit coarse on the feet.


This isn’t the supreme bedding for guinea pigs as it is firm on their feet and it stretches off phenols but it is decent to put below other bedding as it captivates urine very well.


There are so many benefits you get when you decide to buy the best bedding for your guinea pigs. Here are some of them.

  1. If you have a concern of aging your pigs you must give them a pleasant sleep. And the bedding is one way to ensure that.
  2. There are a number of diseases that ruin our beloved pig’s health. Having orthopedic bedding will give extra comfort to patient pigs.
  3. There are so many common guinea pig behaviors that show they are not happy. Most pet owners claim that having quality bedding surprisingly reduces the problem. So think about getting a quality bedding to erase this trouble to some extent.
  4. These beddings are mostly waterproof. And so you will have a trouble-free cleaning to keep your pig’s life healthy and easy. Also, these are super lightweight and easy to carry. So portability will help you to keep your pigs with you forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Strong Smell a Big Problem?

Answer: Strong smells can cause health issues, irritations and many other problems for your pet. So it’s smart to get one that does not stink.

Question: Can I Use Cedar Woodchips?

Answer: Never use CEDAR WOODCHIPS. Guinea pigs are sensitive to them so they can root health problems. The Bedding must not have to be extra then 2cm thick, if you see the bottommost of the enclosure after your cavy has been sitting through it then augment more after the following cleaning.

Question: What’s the problem with using Sawdust?

Answer: Sawdust is too thin and would easily be drawn in by your pig causing to health problems. Your pig may get fixed in the eye or suffer certain other kinds of injury from it.


You do everything for your little guinea pigs. Keeping them away from predators, feeding them, taking care and worrying for them. You do all of these. Then why not think of their sleeping comforts also. It’s important for your pig’s happiness. Give a careful look to every option in this Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs guide and measure which one will fit your cavy comfort the most. Good Luck!