Guinea Pigs are one of the cutest animals that humans have domesticated. They are tiny in size, yet so full of energy. They are always so active and playful. As a Guinea Pigs owner, you may already have an idea about how emotional Guinea Pigs are. They get attached to things around them very quickly. But, have you wondered how intelligent a Guinea Pig is!

You are probably thinking right now is what Guinea Pigs does every day is, sleep, eat, poop, and repeat.Their daily works might not have shown any hues of intelligence. So, are Guinea Pigs smart, really? Well, the answer is yes, Guinea Pigs are smart compared to many other animals. They have an excellent memory and a pretty good learning ability. As a pet owner, knowing your pet’s abilities and potentials will help you understand your pet better and make it convenient for you to control them.

How Intelligent Guinea Pigs Are

Since Guinea Pigs have a wildlife root, they have excellent spatial orientation, good memory, and navigational abilities as survival skills. If trained, Guinea Pigs can show many signs of intelligence. Here is some evidence of Guinea Pig’s smartness.

Guinea Pigs have a good memory:

If you notice your piggie closely, you’ll observe some attributes that give the clue of a good memory. For instance-

❏ Guinea Pigs can retrace their paths. If you free your pocket pet out of its cage and take it to another room, he can retrace his place back. Also, if you ever lose them outdoors, they can retrace their way back to you on their own. They are familiar with their previously used paths and smells.

❏ Guinea Pigs can recognize faces, voices, and tones. If your Guinea is fond of you, then you might have noticed that your pet responds differently to your calling then any stranger. It is because they can recognize their owner and his voice.

❏ Guinea Pigs can remember their name and do respond when they are called.

❏ If you teach any trick to your Guinea Pig, they don’t easily forget those tricks and behave as per
the schemes.

Guinea Pigs can sense their owner’s mood: 

Surprisingly enough, Guinea Pigs can feel whether their owner is having a good day or bad! It is observed by many that when a Guinea Pig owner is upset or in a bad mood, their pet also becomes timid and less demanding. They bother their owners less those days. On the other hand, if they observe that their owner is having a good day, they show many tantrums and demand more attention. Sounds damn cute, no?

Guinea Pigs know what to eat: 

Guinea Pigs are not much into foul foods. They barely eat foods that are not good for their health; neither they gnaw something dangerous. They can also differentiate between freshwater and stale water. So, you see, they are smart enough to be health-conscious.

Guinea Pigs are good in adaptability:

Guinea Pigs can adapt things that are not natural to them if appropriately trained. For instance, Guinea Pigs or Cavies are nocturnal animals and have a specific sleeping schedule. If you want to change their nature schedule, you can condition their sleeping habits

using some incentives. Thus, you’ll see they can quickly adapt to new conditions and situations which they couldn’t if they were not smart creatures.

Now that you know your furry, cuddly, pocket pet is not just an innocent and adorable creature but also a quite brilliant one, what you need to do next is train him to do some tricks. For example- by luring with a food, you can train your Cavy to stand up, come to you, leap through loops or find its way out to a maze. Training your piggies in this manner will make your smart Guinea Pigs even smarter.

Domestic Guinea Pigs less smart than wildlife ancestors?

Humans have domesticated guinea Pigs since 1600 BC. Domestication has brought about changes in morphology, physiology, and behavior. So, you can have this idea that domestic Guinea Pigs have become dull than their wildlife ancestors. In fact, you’ll be surprised that domestication has resulted in a 13% reduction in Guinea Pig’s brain size.

However, though there is a reduction in brain size, it does not mean their brain operation has limited. Studies have shown that domesticate Guinea Pigs have outperformed their wild relatives in many given situations that require thinking and brain operation. Because of adaptation to the human-made environment, domestic Guinea Pigs have better learning ability than wild Cavies. So, it can be concluded as GuineaPigs are not at all dumber than wildlife Guinea Pigs.

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Reaching to this dead-end of the article, hopefully, you now know are Guinea Pigs smart or not. They are brilliant, indeed. It’s their smartness that fits them both in wildlife and domestic environments. This combination of a tiny fluffy body, friendly nature, and a smart brain makes these creatures a package overloaded with cuteness.